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Before I say anything else I am not pregnant. This picture was taken in 2010 when I found out I was pregnant with Princess A.

I was so happy to be pregnant I took about 10 tests to be sure. My pregnancy was pretty easy but as I have discussed before I had a tough time with Princess A as a newborn.

Some days when she was crying a lot I would think, “Now I have the baby I was so excited to be pregnant with so why can’t I be as happy as I am in this picture.”

I have been using this picture as something to aspire too. Since Princess A has been born I have always asked myself, ” Am I as excited and happy as I was in the pregnancy test picture?” It was always no until recently. I don’t know what has happened lately but now even on bad days I still feel happy and laugh a lot. Maybe it is the Princess A hugs?

Well, whatever it is I am just glad to be back to my original feeling of joy.

I am happy again. YES!!!!!!!!!

Stay Glamorous,