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I spend most of my day taking care of Princess A and Freckles. It is hard work so I sleep when the Princess sleeps. When she goes to bed at night I get my work done and then spend about 5 hours on my mom blog.

Some days I am like WHY THE HELL AM I DOING THIS? I have enough on my plate. So here is my list of why I blog.

1. It forces me to recognize how my daughter is changing a little bit every day and love everything that is special about her.

2. It gives me a creative outlet and a voice. I am not just a Princess A’s mom… even though I mostly talk about her.

3. It gives me a place to vent… productively.

4. It reminds me to take care of myself and try to do something for myself every day. Whether that is putting on makeup, dressing glam, a shower, yoga, or sleep.

5.It reminds me that I have an awesome family!

6. Most importantly my mom blog has connected me to awesome people from all around the world who give me love, support, and advice. You guys are so glam.

What do you do for yourself? And if you blog why do you blog?

Stay Glamorous,




Dear Amelia,

Recently you took your first steps in becoming independent… you learned to walk. I still make you hold my hand so you don’t run away but you don’t really need my help. I realize this is the first of many milestones you will make but to me it is the most awesome and saddest one I think I will ever experience.

When you walk there’s no denying it. You aren’t a baby anymore… you are a little person. It feels so amazing when you run into my arms for a kiss and hug but I know some day we may argue and you will use those same legs to run away. I hope in those moments you always remember that I love you no matter what!

Right now you are so happy when you walk. I think you must know what a big deal it is. I hope you are always able to get excited about the small joys in life… even when you a super cool teenager.

When you fall you get upset for less than a second and then bounce right up and start walking again. I hope you meet all of your future challenges with the same kind of determination and enthusiasm.

Sometimes you look back and smile at me when you walk a long distance. Princess A, please remember the little people like Mom and Dad when you are older and off achieving your dreams.

Know that I will always be there for you no matter how many times you fall flat on your face.

No matter how much you grow up you will always be a tiny baby with a tiny hand that fits perfectly in mine. So forgive  me if I continue to mother you even when you are off at college.

Oh and don’t forget to look both ways, 3 times, and say a prayer before you cross the street. You live in Manhattan and one of the few things that never changes in New York are the crazy cab drivers.

I love you!



Dear Amelia,

I am writing this to you late on the Eve of your first birthday. I don’t know what time it is exactly because your birthday is on Daylight Savings. There should be a rule that no ones first birthday should be on Daylight Savings. I want a full 24 hours to celebrate you.

Anyway, this will be posted at the exact time of your birth 3:11pm. Yes, you were born on 3/11/11 at 3:11pm. That’s pretty awesome isn’t it?

A year ago I was exhausted and relived that you were finally born. The next 3 months were hell and honestly I don’t remember much. All I know was I wasn’t able to care for you in the way I wanted. I wasn’t the “Perfect Mom” I had planned on being when I was pregnant.

The only thing that made me happy was putting you in cute outfits. Soon I started a blog devoted to your cute outfits and my random thoughts. Then I asked for my blog readers to send postcards from all around the world for your birthday. I wanted you to feel that you are loved and part of me was afraid that you wouldn’t feel loved when you grew up and found out I suffered from postpartum depression.  So I figured if you got enough birthday cards for your 1st birthday maybe it would make up for everything?

Silly I know because I really have nothing to apologize for. You were born, I got postpartum depression, it was horrible, I started a blog, and I got better. Honestly, I am glad everything in the past year happened because if I hadn’t felt so sad I wouldn’t have felt the need to write, and then I wouldn’t have a blog, and then I wouldn’t know so many awesome people from around the world.

But don’t get me wrong I LOVE all the postcards and gifts we both received. They are all amazing and will get posted eventually… I am just too busy planning your party to do it.

I also want to thank you for being you. This year was tough but it made me closer to your Dad, I lost myself, and then became the woman I always wanted to be. Being your Mom has made me become a better and stronger person. It’s hard to explain but this video that SuperGlamFan Laura made a video kind of explains it!

I need to go to sleep now so I can greet you in the morning with a big kiss. Tonight when I put you to bed you gave me a ton of huge hugs. It made me so happy to know that you love me despite the mess. Your hugs are the most amazing thing in the world so please tell your teenage self to still hug me even during your rebellious phase.

Good night my little babykins and thank you for teaching me that “Perfect Moms” are boring and over rated because if I was a perfect mom I wouldn’t have this blog or it’s readers and without this blog I wouldn’t have survived the past year.

One last thing and then I promise I will go to bed because Freckles is giving me the stink eye. I love you so much I can’t even  put it into words. Which is hard to do because if you haven’t noticed I am a bit of a talker.



P.S. You are a lucky girl because you have a really awesome Dad!


I love being a Mom so I bought these cute tights to show my pride.I have always wanted some big glasses… even though I don’t need glasses all the time. These glasses don’t do anything for your vision but they make me feel cool!My sweet tooth was killing me so we went to The London Candy Company for some treats. I paired a red Paul Frank shirt with the outfit to show some monkey love!!! This was the perfect purfect for a casual day and candy shopping!

Boots- $20 Old Navy

Pants- $49 Betsey Johnson

Glasses- $14 Urban Outfitters

Shirt- $14.99 Target

Stay Glamorous,