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Princess A loves it when I do “This little Piggy” with her toes. So I was really happy when her baby friend Ingrid got her this shirt for her bday!Princess A is funny because she always wants to hold my hand inside but doesn’t want to hold my hand outside… go figure. I make her hold my hand though when we walk outside because NYC is dangerous for a walking kid. This has resulted in many a temper tantrum already. Sorry, Princess A there are some rules I can’t bend on.

Fake Fur Vest- Gap

Shirt- Sprout via baby friend Ingrid

Pants- Zutano

Shoes- Stride Rite

Stay Glamorous,




The Husband and I love to travel and are lucky enough to have been to a lot of fun places.

Above is the view from our hotel in Barbados. It’s pretty but this was our least favorite vacation. I had always wanted to go to Barbados but to make a long story short we didn’t have much fun.

This sometimes happens to us. We go somewhere expecting to love it and then hate it or we aren’t thrilled to go somewhere and then fall in love with it.

This also happened to us with Croatia oh and I am not naked in this picture I am just wearing a strapless swimsuit. Anyway, we went to Croatia on a cruise and were the least excited for this port. In the end we ended up loving it and our day there was the highlight of our trip.

I want to start planning a vacation for our family. What are some of the places that you have surprisingly loved?

Stay Glamorous,



Before I say anything else I am not pregnant. This picture was taken in 2010 when I found out I was pregnant with Princess A.

I was so happy to be pregnant I took about 10 tests to be sure. My pregnancy was pretty easy but as I have discussed before I had a tough time with Princess A as a newborn.

Some days when she was crying a lot I would think, “Now I have the baby I was so excited to be pregnant with so why can’t I be as happy as I am in this picture.”

I have been using this picture as something to aspire too. Since Princess A has been born I have always asked myself, ” Am I as excited and happy as I was in the pregnancy test picture?” It was always no until recently. I don’t know what has happened lately but now even on bad days I still feel happy and laugh a lot. Maybe it is the Princess A hugs?

Well, whatever it is I am just glad to be back to my original feeling of joy.

I am happy again. YES!!!!!!!!!

Stay Glamorous,




I talk a lot about my love for Freckles but how can I not when he is so awesome. This is Princess A at about three months old and Freckles watching over her.

Freckles has always been protective of Amelia but their relationship has gone throw some stages.

First, he was confused by her.

Stage Two, he wanted to lick her all the time.

Stage 3, he was jealous of her.

Stage 4, he realized he got more attention if he did cute stuff with her.

Stage 5, she became mobile and he became scared for his life. Lots of tail pulling occurred during this stage.

Stage 6, they are basically the same size although Freckles weighs more. Now they play together all the time and there is lots of baby giggling. They are basically best friends forever.

I know their relationship will go through many stages but I hope they are always BFFs.

Stay Glamorous,



Princess A got this Disney princess car from Grandma and Grandpa H for Hanukkah. She has always loved the car but now that she walks she loves it on a whole other level.She touches the buttons so the car makes sounds and then she pushes the car backwards and forwards like a madwoman. I get exhausted watching her.Sometimes she lets go of the car and starts to run around. She isn’t able to go as fast on her own but she is getting there.I made Princess A stop because she kept ramming into us and pieces of furniture with her car but she was NOT tired. So she stared at the car from across the room.

Shirt- Gap

Pants- Carter’s

Car- Gift from Grandma and Grandpa H

Stay Glamorous,



I spend most of my day taking care of Princess A and Freckles. It is hard work so I sleep when the Princess sleeps. When she goes to bed at night I get my work done and then spend about 5 hours on my mom blog.

Some days I am like WHY THE HELL AM I DOING THIS? I have enough on my plate. So here is my list of why I blog.

1. It forces me to recognize how my daughter is changing a little bit every day and love everything that is special about her.

2. It gives me a creative outlet and a voice. I am not just a Princess A’s mom… even though I mostly talk about her.

3. It gives me a place to vent… productively.

4. It reminds me to take care of myself and try to do something for myself every day. Whether that is putting on makeup, dressing glam, a shower, yoga, or sleep.

5.It reminds me that I have an awesome family!

6. Most importantly my mom blog has connected me to awesome people from all around the world who give me love, support, and advice. You guys are so glam.

What do you do for yourself? And if you blog why do you blog?

Stay Glamorous,