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Dear Amelia,

Recently you took your first steps in becoming independent… you learned to walk. I still make you hold my hand so you don’t run away but you don’t really need my help. I realize this is the first of many milestones you will make but to me it is the most awesome and saddest one I think I will ever experience.

When you walk there’s no denying it. You aren’t a baby anymore… you are a little person. It feels so amazing when you run into my arms for a kiss and hug but I know some day we may argue and you will use those same legs to run away. I hope in those moments you always remember that I love you no matter what!

Right now you are so happy when you walk. I think you must know what a big deal it is. I hope you are always able to get excited about the small joys in life… even when you a super cool teenager.

When you fall you get upset for less than a second and then bounce right up and start walking again. I hope you meet all of your future challenges with the same kind of determination and enthusiasm.

Sometimes you look back and smile at me when you walk a long distance. Princess A, please remember the little people like Mom and Dad when you are older and off achieving your dreams.

Know that I will always be there for you no matter how many times you fall flat on your face.

No matter how much you grow up you will always be a tiny baby with a tiny hand that fits perfectly in mine. So forgive  me if I continue to mother you even when you are off at college.

Oh and don’t forget to look both ways, 3 times, and say a prayer before you cross the street. You live in Manhattan and one of the few things that never changes in New York are the crazy cab drivers.

I love you!




I have been doing some research about panthers lately to try and understand my panther obsession. Besides, the fact that Marc Jacobs made a lot of cute panther pieces for his Fall 2011 collection there has to be something else behind my craze. I did some research and found out that although panther’s aren’t the biggest in the cat family they can still take down big animals like giraffes or antelopes because they are so smart. Because of this wit and stealth they are one of the most feared creatures in the animal kingdom!

Then I did some thinking. A while back the “tiger mom” was very popular. I agree with a lot of the things she said but it’s hard for me to see myself as the biggest cat in the world. I have confidence but new York City is like a huge jungle and I am not by any means the richest, most powerful, or prettiest mom in the jungle.

Fortunately, I am smart and like the panther use my wit to get through a lot of tough situations. When I got sick after Princess A’s birth instead of calling an expensive baby nurse like a lot of NYC moms I called the grandparents in. They really enjoyed taking care of Princess A and the only payment they accepted was holding their first grandchild. This is just one of the pinches I have found myself in were I have to find my way out of a tough situation and don’t have the ability to just pay someone to fix the problem like a lot of Manhattan moms have the luxury of doing.

I also do this with fashion. Lots of people either buy their clothes full price or assume they can’t afford it. I make friends with people, am constantly searching sale racks, and don’t turn my nose at cheaper stores like Target.

In the above outfit I got the panther hair clip at Century 21. This is a discount store in Manhattan that if you ever visit NY you have to experience. Anyway, the hair clip was $70 but I got it for $20.

The nails are Minx for Marc by Marc Jacobs that my fabulous friend Langley got me for free.

The shirt is from Target. It looks like it is the exact same pattern as my nails and that it could be really expensive and from Marc Jacobs… but nope I got it from Target for $19.99.

So wherever your jungle is remember… You don’t have to be the biggest cat to survive… just the smartest!

Stay Glamorous,