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I spend most of my day taking care of Princess A and Freckles. It is hard work so I sleep when the Princess sleeps. When she goes to bed at night I get my work done and then spend about 5 hours on my mom blog.

Some days I am like WHY THE HELL AM I DOING THIS? I have enough on my plate. So here is my list of why I blog.

1. It forces me to recognize how my daughter is changing a little bit every day and love everything that is special about her.

2. It gives me a creative outlet and a voice. I am not just a Princess A’s mom… even though I mostly talk about her.

3. It gives me a place to vent… productively.

4. It reminds me to take care of myself and try to do something for myself every day. Whether that is putting on makeup, dressing glam, a shower, yoga, or sleep.

5.It reminds me that I have an awesome family!

6. Most importantly my mom blog has connected me to awesome people from all around the world who give me love, support, and advice. You guys are so glam.

What do you do for yourself? And if you blog why do you blog?

Stay Glamorous,




Before the guests arrived we had some down time to spend with just the family. Here is Princess A with Grandma M.Here is Princess A nibbling on Aunt Lia’s hair.Here is the Husband Aaron relaxing after getting everything ready and preparing to party baby style!Here is Princess A with Grandma M and Grandpa L!!!Princess A is chilling on the couch with Grandpa S and Aunt Lia getting ready for her loyal subjects to arrive. One year ago on her birthday Grandpa S flew into New York from Kansas and the second he landed I went into labor. Talk about good timing!

Thanks to my family for helping make Princess A’s birthday special!

Stay Glamorous,



My family came all the way from Florida/Kansas… long story… for Princess A’s birthday. I was excited for them to see the toddler Princess A. Here is my sister Lia playing with Princess A’s feet and my sister Tess looking on.She showed them her stool and made it clear that it was HER stool because if anyone touched it she got upset!She showed them her favorite puppy toy as well.Princess couldn’t forget to show them her duck!!!!Here is Princess A with her two Aunts. Can you tell our panda bear obsession is genetic?Here she is with Grandpa Steve giving him the stink eye for treating her like a baby. Can’t he see that I am a toddler now? What is up with Grandpas treating me like a baby?Whatever, I guess I will humor him and let him hold me like a baby for a bit.Here is Princess A with my step-mom holding her the way a toddler likes to be help. Up right so it is very easy for them to hit and bite you!

Outfit- $19.99 Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Mini for Target

Stay Glamorous,