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I spend most of my day taking care of Princess A and Freckles. It is hard work so I sleep when the Princess sleeps. When she goes to bed at night I get my work done and then spend about 5 hours on my mom blog.

Some days I am like WHY THE HELL AM I DOING THIS? I have enough on my plate. So here is my list of why I blog.

1. It forces me to recognize how my daughter is changing a little bit every day and love everything that is special about her.

2. It gives me a creative outlet and a voice. I am not just a Princess A’s mom… even though I mostly talk about her.

3. It gives me a place to vent… productively.

4. It reminds me to take care of myself and try to do something for myself every day. Whether that is putting on makeup, dressing glam, a shower, yoga, or sleep.

5.It reminds me that I have an awesome family!

6. Most importantly my mom blog has connected me to awesome people from all around the world who give me love, support, and advice. You guys are so glam.

What do you do for yourself? And if you blog why do you blog?

Stay Glamorous,




Freckles looks like a gutter rat here. He looks disheveled most days. It’s as if he is thinking, “What happened to the good old days when I slept in and wasn’t constantly being attacked by a baby?”It’s hard to feel bad for him though when it always happens the same way. Princess A gets tired of me feeding her. She tries to use a spoon but just stabs her eye with it. So next she decided to eat the oatmeal with her hands. At first she is proud of herself.Then she gets frustrated with how long it takes to eat oatmeal with her hands. Notice Freckles patiently waiting under the highchair for food.Then she invites Freckles up and decides she is a dog and will lick up her oatmeal.Then Princess A decides that Freckles is taking too much of her oatmeal and starts to yank and pull his hair out. This happens every day, at every meal, with all kinds of foods, and yet her never learns. He is always just sitting under that highchair begging for more.

He reminds me of myself that way. I know how exhausting Princess A can be but every morning I am so excited to see her even though I know she will spend most of the day biting me and breaking things.

Stay Glamorous,



I don’t care what anyone says Freckles is my first child. I made a lot of mistakes with him that have made it easier to parent Princess A. Right now he is having a rough go of it because Princess A is taking up a lot of my energy because she is mobile and into everything. Also, all she wants to do is crawl over to him and yank on his fur and tail. So whenever he finds a nice spot to relax in speedy Princess A crawls over cackling like a witch to grab at him.

I know he loves Princess A because she is another playmate for him. I also know that as time goes on she will learn to be gentle with him and they will have so much fun together. But in the meantime I feel bad that I can’t rub his belly every time he rolls over or play tug of war every time he comes up to me with a toy. So any advice on making older siblings (human or of the animal variety) feel loved even when most of your attention has to go to the younger child.

Stay Glamorous,



There’s really no point to this post except to talk about how weird my family is sometimes. Freckles and Princess A definitely think they are siblings. They love each other and play together a lot but they always want what the other one has. They usually fight over a blue racquet ball so I bought another one. This backfired because even though they were both holding their own blue ball they still wanted the other ones ball. I guess sibling rivalry is inevitable and I should just learn to deal with it.I love this picture because it doesn’t happen a lot. Princess A is happy because she has Freckles cage to herself and Freckles is happy because he has Princess A’s favorite duck toy all to himself. Everyone is happy and peaceful but they just look so ridiculous playing with each others stuff!

Stay Glamorous,



I usually never buy clothes with cats on them because we are a “dog family”. But Jason Wu’s line for Target changed my mind. His pieces with Milu the cat were just too cute to not love. I mean who can resist a cat wearing a red bow???

I love the Jason Wu line and have been pleasantly surprised  by the quality. I did not get everything I wanted but I got a lot. Above is Freckles modeling my favorite piece from the collection. It is a scarf with Milu the cat on it. It is big enough to wear around your neck and small enough to use as a headband. Freckles is sad because he hates cats but I thought it would be funny to take a picture of a dog wearing a cat scarf… but he disagreed. Oh well, I just gave him some extra belly rubs and he forgave me!

Scarf- Jason Wu for Target- $19.99 in Target Stores (no longer available online)

Stay Glamorous,