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I talk a lot about my love for Freckles but how can I not when he is so awesome. This is Princess A at about three months old and Freckles watching over her.

Freckles has always been protective of Amelia but their relationship has gone throw some stages.

First, he was confused by her.

Stage Two, he wanted to lick her all the time.

Stage 3, he was jealous of her.

Stage 4, he realized he got more attention if he did cute stuff with her.

Stage 5, she became mobile and he became scared for his life. Lots of tail pulling occurred during this stage.

Stage 6, they are basically the same size although Freckles weighs more. Now they play together all the time and there is lots of baby giggling. They are basically best friends forever.

I know their relationship will go through many stages but I hope they are always BFFs.

Stay Glamorous,