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The Husband and I love to travel and are lucky enough to have been to a lot of fun places.

Above is the view from our hotel in Barbados. It’s pretty but this was our least favorite vacation. I had always wanted to go to Barbados but to make a long story short we didn’t have much fun.

This sometimes happens to us. We go somewhere expecting to love it and then hate it or we aren’t thrilled to go somewhere and then fall in love with it.

This also happened to us with Croatia oh and I am not naked in this picture I am just wearing a strapless swimsuit. Anyway, we went to Croatia on a cruise and were the least excited for this port. In the end we ended up loving it and our day there was the highlight of our trip.

I want to start planning a vacation for our family. What are some of the places that you have surprisingly loved?

Stay Glamorous,