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I spend most of my day taking care of Princess A and Freckles. It is hard work so I sleep when the Princess sleeps. When she goes to bed at night I get my work done and then spend about 5 hours on my mom blog.

Some days I am like WHY THE HELL AM I DOING THIS? I have enough on my plate. So here is my list of why I blog.

1. It forces me to recognize how my daughter is changing a little bit every day and love everything that is special about her.

2. It gives me a creative outlet and a voice. I am not just a Princess A’s mom… even though I mostly talk about her.

3. It gives me a place to vent… productively.

4. It reminds me to take care of myself and try to do something for myself every day. Whether that is putting on makeup, dressing glam, a shower, yoga, or sleep.

5.It reminds me that I have an awesome family!

6. Most importantly my mom blog has connected me to awesome people from all around the world who give me love, support, and advice. You guys are so glam.

What do you do for yourself? And if you blog why do you blog?

Stay Glamorous,




My sister Stacey got Princess A a really cute first birthday hat and shirt. Today Princess A didn’t have a fever and was in a much better mood so I decided to try the outfit on her.I got one good picture of her in the ensemble and then…This happened. Princess A usually loves to have her picture taken so we took a break and tried again.This time she cried even more!I took the hat off and she was still upset. Luckily, I had the singing and dancing puppy from Grandma L to put her back in a good mood.I got another good picture of her in the shirt which she loved wearing. I think maybe the elastic strap was irritating her incoming molars. But who knows?

Anyway, I love blogging. But I am a perfectionist and work really hard on it. After I put Princess A to bed I usually spend 5-6 hours on my blog. Right now I am overwhelmed. I am WAY behind on posting pictures you have emailed me, cards you have sent, and present you have given Princess A. I feel so bad that I am behind but what can you do?

I am also behind on getting ready for Princess A’s big party and my family is coming in town tomorrow. So, I have decided to take a Birthdaycation and not blog for the rest of today, Sunday, or Monday so that I can give Princess A the party she deserves AND enjoy it!

I will miss writing and talking with you but I must give the Princess a party fit for a Princess!

And don’t worry, every card, present, and email picture will get posted after I am done with my Birthdaycation!

Hat and Shirt- Gift from Aunt Stacey

Stay Glamorous,