What size are you? I am a size 8-14 depending on the designer. My weight also fluctuates. I say this because I want to show people you can be glamorous even if your dress size is in the double digits.

Do you use photo shop? No, photo shop has its place but not in my blog. My blog is about the person who is glamorous even though they may have flaws. I show my pimples and other imperfections so that others will feel better with theirs. I do use photo editing techniques to improve pictures when the lighting is too dark or Princess A refuses to stay still.

Do you know the 100 Monkeys and Jackson Rathbone? Can you tell me if they are single? I went to high school with Will Schmidt, Ben Johnson, Ben Graupner, and Jackson Rathbone. We have been close friends since then and they are my daughter’s godfathers. They pop up in my blog from time to time because they are a part of my life. You can ask me fun superficial questions but I will never answer questions about their family, love life, or personal life. It is not my right to share these details and some things should remain a secret 🙂

Can I use your pictures for my website? Sure, just make sure to say you got it from PoopPeePuke.com

I have unique style can I or my child be on your blog? Of course, just email me some pictures and let me know whether you would like me to use your name in the blog post. If you don’t want your name in the post give me a fun nickname.

If you are such good friends with them why are you using their names for self-promotion? Because I can and it works. I am very passionate about my blog and want to provide my daughter with a good future… and will do almost anything to accomplish this goal.  If posting pictures of rats got me more followers I would do that but rats don’t get much attention. I never spread gossip or post pictures that have not been approved by my friends. If you think this is disgusting then don’t read my blog.

Do you really take a picture of Princess A everyday? I take a picture of Princess A almost everyday because I like to see her grow up and I love documenting her cute outfits. I also feel a special bond with her when we are taking pictures. Some days I take a picture of her in 2 different outfits so that if she gets sick or has a doctor’s appointment I don’t have to bother her with pictures.



5 responses to “FAQS

  1. I don’t know Will Schmidt, Ben Johnson, Ben Graupner, and Jackson Rathbone but they seem to be really nice guys and I don;t think they would mind you useing their photos and names. And I like seeing the photos of you baby with them, It shows a nice side of them.

    • Thanks Angel… but I have been criticized by some for using the pics even though they have oked it and are 3 of them are my daughter’s godfather. People think they know so much sometimes lol

  2. I’m new here and so far I love everything I’ve seen. I’m looking forward to more from this blog. Coming across it was the greatest thing, it’s just what I’ve been looking for. I love everything I’ve read and your family is adorable.

  3. I like your way of seeing things. You are right, a woman can always be beautiful and glamorous, no matter what size she wears or how much she weighs. Thanks for speaking my mind :o)

    Well, I don’t know what 100 monkeys are or who these guys are, you talk about, but in my experience most people are just jealous. They would do exactly the same if they had the opportunity to get more followers by using supposedly well-known people. Ignore the flames and keep blogging what you want. If they are part of your life, then they are. No need to keep them out of it or your blog.
    Personally, I don’t care if there are “famous” people in your blog or not, I read it, because I like the way you dedicate it to your daughter. I’ve never seen a blog quite like this and I love the way you share your love for her.

    My best wishes for your daughters first birthday. I hope her next year of life will be a ride full of joy and happiness. The same goes to you and the rest of your family.

    Sorry for bad wording and poor grammar, English isn’t my first language, it’s not even my second. If there is something offending in my writing, I wish to apologize beforehand, sometimes the words come out totally wrong without me knowing^^°


    • Thank you Bubbles!!!!! Some people discovered my blog because of my daughter’s godfathers so from time to time I get criticism for that. I am glad you found my blog on your own and that you enjoy it!

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