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If you would like to send us fan mail or gifts our mailing address is…

1636 Third Avenue

Penthouse #361

New York, NY 10128

All gifts will get a dedicated post on the blog but please email me for sizes if it is clothing related. Princess A is constantly growing and I am still loosing the baby weight so our sizes are always changing.

Stay Glamorous,

Shannon Sutherland


5 responses to “CONTACT

  1. Hey I wish you and your family wonderful Christmas and quiet holidays!!

    dear greets


  2. Thanks!!! =)

  3. Shannon, I was looking at something online to deal with “difficult relatives”— anyway, I found this and thought it might be appropriate. I especially like the last line, and you seem to be doing this already so well !!
    When an immature insult comes flying at you, rather than playing the role of victim and seeing yourself as the target, stay on target. Don’t let criticism and insults distract you from your goals and life purpose. There’s a saying that “no good deed goes unpunished.” Taking a stand or breaking out of conventional ways to express your authentic voice may well draw fire from the jealous and competitive. Consider it background noise and don’t let it distract you.
    Try this: Deal appropriately with damaging criticism, but don’t allow every petty and insignificant critic to pull you off track. Not every snide comment demands a response. Set your intention and keep focused on what’s important in your life, so you can go on giving your gifts to others.

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