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Yesterday Princess A turned 13 months and these are the balloons from her 1st birthday party still going strong! I can’t believe they have lasted so long. Princess A waves to them every morning and loves staring at them. I don’t know what we will do when they die.In New York City there are tons of rats and I have no idea how they survive because they are fat and have no survival skills. Last week I was walking Freckles late at night and in front of us a rat stopped and stared at us. I thought the rat would run away as we got closer but I was wrong!

The rat just stood there and we had to walk around him. That big fat rat kind of reminded me of how somehow these balloons have survived a whole month. So in honor of them I wore a rat shirt.

Cheers to all things that are still around despite all odds.

Shirt- Marc by Marc Jacobs

Stay Glamorous,




I found this awesome bracelet at Forever 21 for $4 and just had to share. The pink on it matches the pink on my combat boots!!! I got tons of compliments on my outfit even though I had no time for makeup that day. Yeah for cheap jewelry!

Bracelet- Forever 21

Skirt- Express

Boots- Betsey Johnson

Coat- Sabine via

Tights- American Apparel

Stay Glamorous,



My hair is finally starting to grow in after the hair loss I experienced post baby. This is exciting news but I will still be using my big headband and sunglasses look! I thought things would get easier when Princess A got older. I was wrong things are nowhere near easy. The only thing that has changed is that I have more fun and I am more used to the crazyness of being a mom!

So big headbands and sunglasses you are here to stay… because nothing makes me feel and look glamorous when I haven’t showered and am covered in poop, pee, and puke quite like you do.

Stay Glamorous,



I decided to copy Princess A’s style and get a bow. I picked yellow in honor of Princess A’s favorite color! I added my signature knee-high tights and saddle shoes to make the look mine and not just look like a Princess A copycat!

Socks- American Apparel

Bow- American Apparel

T-Shirt- Old Navy

Shoes- Bass via

Stay Glamorous,



I finally got my hair did. I was in desperate need of a trim and some highlights but just couldn’t find the time to make it to the salon. I had so many split ends I was a bit nervous to go. I got the confidence to go and my hair dresser blew out my hair as well. I love my hair curly but it is nice to have it blown dry straight every once in a while!

Shirt- Old Navy

Sunglasses- Urban Outfitters

Socks- DSW

Shoes- Betsey Johnson

Skirt- Betsey Johnson

Stay Glamorous,



I don’t have a lot of time now to get manicures and pedicures so when I do I choose bright colors. This time I picked yellow because it is Princess A’s favorite color. Well, not exactly but it is my favorite color on her!

Stay Glamorous,



The Husband Aaron bought me some Wonder Woman sneakers. Most days I don’t feel like Wonder Woman… even if I am in a good mood and doing everything right. I don’t know what it is but I am very hard on myself as a mother and a wife.I also think there’s a lot of pressure on women “to have it all” and “do it all by ourselves”.Two of the many things I have learned so far from mother hood are…

1- It doesn’t matter if you “have it all” as long as what you have involves lots of love around you.

2- Asking for help doesn’t mean you are weak. Sometimes it is actually harder and takes more strength to admit that you can’t do it alone and ask for some help.

So I might not “have it all” in some peoples minds but I believe that I do because there is tons of love around me. The favorite part of my day is when I come home and I am greeted by a dog jumping on me and licking me, a baby tackling and biting me, and a kiss from The Husband.

I also have gotten TONS of help from everyone around me. When I was younger I thought I was to cool for assistance but now whether it is from my in-laws or the ice cream man I am not afraid to ask for help and LOVE it. It truly takes a village to raise a child but with Princess A it takes a major city!

So I guess I am wonder woman! Thanks again for the shoes Hubbie.

Shoes- Converse via Journeys

Stay Glamorous,