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I talk a lot about my love for Freckles but how can I not when he is so awesome. This is Princess A at about three months old and Freckles watching over her.

Freckles has always been protective of Amelia but their relationship has gone throw some stages.

First, he was confused by her.

Stage Two, he wanted to lick her all the time.

Stage 3, he was jealous of her.

Stage 4, he realized he got more attention if he did cute stuff with her.

Stage 5, she became mobile and he became scared for his life. Lots of tail pulling occurred during this stage.

Stage 6, they are basically the same size although Freckles weighs more. Now they play together all the time and there is lots of baby giggling. They are basically best friends forever.

I know their relationship will go through many stages but I hope they are always BFFs.

Stay Glamorous,




My friend Sumner came over and took these pictures. They are very appropriate because this is the first thing you see when you walk in my door… a dog nose. Freckles will jump on you and lick you all over and if you have any food with you FORGET about it. If you didn’t know how much we love and care for Freckles you would think we starved him of attention and food. Neither is true. He eats his food and our food. When he is done eating his food (which is usually the same thing we are eating but in a dog bowl) he starts to beg for food from us. He would eat all day if he could. Why are dogs ALWAYS hungry?Freckles sleeps in our bed, gets tons of walks, fetch time, and belly rubs but if one of us leaves for even five minutes he cries and then sniffs around the apartment for us. It is the saddest thing ever. I wish I could talk to him and say, “Daddy, has to go to work and will come home later like he always does.” or “I am only leaving for 30 minutes so I can get some alone time.” But alas, I can not talk to him and he always acts like he is being starved of everything in life.Here is Freckles eating a bone in OUR bed even though he has 2 dog beds and one cage. Does this look like a dog who doesn’t get enough love or food?

Anyway, do any fellow dog lovers have any tips on getting their dog to calm down and realize how loved they are… and why do dogs always eat like they haven’t eaten in years…. even after they have finished a huge serving of spaghetti and meatballs?

Stay Glamorous,


First 2 images shot by Sumner Hatch


I hate chicken bones. But you know what I hate even more than chicken bones?!?!?!?! The people who leave their old chicken bones on the streets of New York!!!!!!

Last night, I was walking Freckles and he jumped forward and grabbed something in his mouth. I looked down and it was a chicken bone. This chicken bone was literally 3 feet from a trash can. I hate lazy sloppy people.

Anyway, if a dog eats a chicken bone they can die from the splinters. So I grabbed that chicken bone out of his mouth as fast as I could and I got a cut on my hand because if you try to take a chicken bone away from a dog they will literally bite the hand that feeds them. It hurt but at least I got that chicken bone out of his mouth!

This is not the first time this has occured. Freckles finds a chicken bone and succsesfully gets it in his mouth once a week. I see chicken bones on the street almost every day! Not only is this disgusting but it is heartless to the dogs of New York City. I got Freckles when he was a small puppy and I have done my best to raise and train him but I don’t think any amount of training can make him not want a bone.

So please New Yorkers… for the sake of cute dogs like Freckles everywhere… throw your chicken bones away in a trash can!

Stay Glamorous,



On St. Patrick’s Day We woke up and did our usual routine. I got dressed and when we went into the nursery to get Princess A dressed for our morning walk. Freckles did something unexpected though. He jumped on our air conditioning unit. We couldn’t get him down. Princess A tried to get him down by offering him a ball but he still refused. I took a picture and thought it was just normal Freckles weirdness. Then when I was dressing Princess A he jumped off the air conditioner and ran into the living room.

When I was done dressing Princess A I thought it smelled like poop so I checked her diaper. It wasn’t Princess A so I went into the living room and there was Freckles squatting and pooping gross diarrhea all over our apartment.

Just so you know Freckles is a gentleman and very well house trained so he only poops inside when he is really sick. I stuck Princess A in her play pen so I could clean up and then Freckles started vomiting. This was getting bad fast so I woke up The Husband and he watched Princess A while I took Freckles to the vet.

Unfortunately, it was St. Patrick’s Day and my vet is one block away from the parade so it was beyond difficult getting there. Eventually we did and the doctor saw that he was dehydrated and had a stomach virus. They gave him some fluids and antibiotics and sent us home. Freckles was in a good enough mood so we walked home because it was impossible to find a cab before the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Then we met the husband and Princess A at the pediatrician because she had a follow-up appointment for her TB test.

The doctor said she had not been exposed to TB… yeah! Then when we were done with that the parade started and our pediatrician’s office is at the beginning of the parade so we got a really good spot to watch it from and the whole family was together. If Freckles hadn’t gotten sick I would have probably just taken Princess A to the pediatrician myself and the Husband and Freckles would have stayed at home.

So thank you Freckles for taking one for the family and getting sick on St.Patricks’s Day so we could watch the parade together!

Stay Glamorous,



Here is SuperGlamFan Jenny’s cute Wheaton Terrier Toby! He is 8 years old but doesn’t look a day over 3! I wonder if he would get along with Freckles?

Stay Glamorous,



Why is Freckles smiling?Because Princess A can kind of through a ball now and play fetch!!!But sometimes she gets tired and takes a nap.And a lot of time she gets confused and keeps ramming the ball into her head.But Freckles is till very supportive of her efforts because it means he gets another person to play with him!!!The only issue is when they are done playing fetch who gets to rest in Princess A’s chair?“Fine, Freckles you can have my chair this time but don’t get used to it because it says Amelia on the chair NOT Freckles!”

Stay Glamorous,



This picture was taken when we were in the car and Freckles was sitting next to Princess A. He thinks he is her bodyguard but doesn’t always do a good job of it. Sometimes when he is tired he will sit next to her and try to keep his eyes open and then eventually fall asleep with his eyes closed. I need to take a picture of it for you because it is hilarious but usually I am laughing to hard to think about my camera!

Stay Glamorous,