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Dear Amelia,

Recently you took your first steps in becoming independent… you learned to walk. I still make you hold my hand so you don’t run away but you don’t really need my help. I realize this is the first of many milestones you will make but to me it is the most awesome and saddest one I think I will ever experience.

When you walk there’s no denying it. You aren’t a baby anymore… you are a little person. It feels so amazing when you run into my arms for a kiss and hug but I know some day we may argue and you will use those same legs to run away. I hope in those moments you always remember that I love you no matter what!

Right now you are so happy when you walk. I think you must know what a big deal it is. I hope you are always able to get excited about the small joys in life… even when you a super cool teenager.

When you fall you get upset for less than a second and then bounce right up and start walking again. I hope you meet all of your future challenges with the same kind of determination and enthusiasm.

Sometimes you look back and smile at me when you walk a long distance. Princess A, please remember the little people like Mom and Dad when you are older and off achieving your dreams.

Know that I will always be there for you no matter how many times you fall flat on your face.

No matter how much you grow up you will always be a tiny baby with a tiny hand that fits perfectly in mine. So forgive  me if I continue to mother you even when you are off at college.

Oh and don’t forget to look both ways, 3 times, and say a prayer before you cross the street. You live in Manhattan and one of the few things that never changes in New York are the crazy cab drivers.

I love you!




Here is a video The Husband took of Princess A walking on Easter! She will hate me for saying this when she is older but when she walks it reminds me of a drunk zombie! Enjoy!

Stay Glamorous,



I get tons of emails asking me how I get so many good pictures of Princess A so I just wanted to do a post to share some of my tips.

1- Take tons of pictures. I get my best pictures of Princess A when I am just randomly taking pictures. Sometimes I strike gold sometimes  Princess A runs out of the frame and bumps into me leaving me with a blurry picture of my kitchen like the one above. I take about 200 pictures a day but usually delete about 170 of those pictures. Thank goodness for digital cameras!

2- Kids are like wildlife so shoot them in their natural habitat. I take pictures of Princess A when she is busy playing. Whenever I try to do a formal shoot she gets bored and fussy.

3- Don’t push it. If your kid is getting upset with the pictures stop and try after their nap or tomorrow. Also, if your kid is in a crummy mood don’t try to get them in a good mood for the sake of a picture. You can even get some cute shots of your kid when they are moody… as mean as it sounds.

4- The less people the better. Princess A is pretty good in front of the camera when it is just myself, The Husband, Freckles, and her but when other people are around she gets nervous and distracted. Also, other people offer unsolicited help and all the sudden you have 10 adults dancing and singing behind the camera trying to get your kid to smile but instead freaking them out and causing a temper tantrum. Not like that has ever happened to me or anything…

5- Appreciate your kid for who they are. Princess A smiles in a lot of pictures but a lot of the time she gives the stink eye. I think the stink eye pictures show more of her personality than the smiling ones. If you always try to get a shot of your kid smiling you might be missing out on some great and unique facial expressions!

So those are my tips. What are yours?

Stay Glamorous,



New York is a hard place to raise a kid. With crazy cab drivers, small apartments, and expensive preschools you would think that ice cream trucks would be the last thing on a New York mom’s mind but you are wrong.

The scandalous topic of discussion in my playgroups and mommy and me classes is that some mom’s are trying to get the ice cream truck banned from parking outside our local playground. They don’t like that every time they go to the playground they have to say no to getting their kids ice cream or buy their kids ice cream. I am in the minority because I think the ice cream truck should stay outside the play ground because…

1- What if I want ice cream? Some days a cone with rainbow sprinkles just changes my mood. Should I be denied this luxury because other people don’t want to deal with a potential temper tantrum?

2- This is New York. My playground is in a one block  radius from a Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, and Candy Store. If the ice cream truck goes I think these establishments should be kicked out too.

3- People smoke next to the playground which I think is much worse.

4- I like the ice cream man. I have talked about him and shown a picture of him in a previous post but just wanted to say again that he is fabulous. He always dresses fabulously and when I was a new mom he always said hi to me and complimented my outfit even on days when I looked horrible.

5- If you don’t want your kid to have ice cream then just say no. When I go to the play ground Princess A just wants to swing. She would live in the swing if she could but after about 5 minutes I take her out and no matter what she throws a temper tantrum. What am I suppossed to do? Let her swing all day? Start a campaign to get the swings thrown out of the park because my daughter throws a temper tantrum when she sees a swing and another child is in it or when I take her out of it? No, I just take Princess A out of the swing. If she protests I say no, put her in her stroller, and leave the playground. I know it will be harder when she is older but she has already kicked me in the face so I feel like I have some experience with temper tantrums.

6-I think the ice cream truck provides me with a way to teach my daughter that some days we have ice cream and some days we don’t. Ice cream is fun and tasty but it is not an essential part of a healthy diet.

7-Kids throw temper tantrums end of story. If the ice cream truck gets banned I am sure the kids will find something else to get upset about because that’s how they test their limits and learn.

So I am against having the ice cream truck banned but I am interested to see what you guys think. Any thoughts?

Stay Glamorous,



Ask a random mom what the most important baby item is and you will get a different answer every time. Some will swear by pacifiers and others can’t live without their breast pump. Well I think the most important baby item is a baby guitar. Babies have a lot to say and it’s nice to give them a musical outlet!!!

That’s why I was thrilled when I got these glamorous Vilac  guitars from Area Kids. Area Kids is an amazing store for cool kids. I get most of Princess A’s Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin shirts there. They are based in New York but also have an online store. To view their website please click HERE and if you ever come to New York you should check their store out!

The red and pink guitar is for Princess A of course and the multi-colored one is for Jackson and Sheila’s baby. Maybe in a couple of years you will finally hear music from the band “Cowboy Boots and Tutus” but instead of J playing with Princess A it will be his son!

Stay Glamorous,



Now it’s time for the grand finale. The actual Rawther Fancy Eloise Tea at the Plaza. Everything was perfect for kids and very fancy. They had these cute miniature tables set up in the tea room!The room had these adorable plates on display but they were smart and served everything on plastic ware because we know the kids would have broken these fab plates and cups!Princess A refused to sit still in the tiny chairs so they got her a high chair. Of course, she messed up the nice place setting with her feet.When they started to serve the food Princess A got very excited! To drink we had the option of water, pink lemonade, or tea. Princess A and I had pink lemonade.Here’s Princess A giving the stink eye because she wants her treats NOW!Seriously! Why is this taking so long!

It actually didn’t take that long Princess A just has no patience. The pink lemonade came in these cute plastic cups that we got to take home!The food came on a glam three-tiered dish. Princess A refused to smile for the picture because she wanted her cupcake NOW!She ate the fruit so fast I couldn’t get a good picture!Cookie, it has been nice knowing you but I will have to eat you now.Princess A enjoyed her cookie but then she was ready for MORE!She enjoyed the rainbow cake.But the miniature cannoli was her favorite.Yum Yum!She had the pink cupcake last. The cupcake was my favorite.After she had devoured everything Princess A was pretty messy. Luckily, they had wipes to clean the kids off with!Next it was story time. They read an Eloise book of course. Princess A didn’t pay much attention to the story because she was too busy cruising on the round pink couches. I loved the story though.

At the end all the kids got gift bags with an etiquette book, gift card, pencil, pad of paper, and some other goodies. I will take pictures of that soon!

The tea costs $50 a person and was well worth it considering everything we got out of it. They also have etiquette classes and other events at the Eloise store. I will have to wait 4 years though because you have to be 5 to take the manners class which is totally understandable. Princess A would probably make the manners teacher want to pull her hair out because she would just be running and babbling all over the place.

For more info on the tea, the Eloise store, or other Eloise events please click HERE. If you are a fan of Eloise or have a little girl I highly suggest the Eloise Tea!

Stay Glamorous,



Ok, just one more post before I get to the actual tea part of the story. The Eloise had this glam pink piano for kids to play on. I want one for Princess A’s room so bad!!!!Our friend Jane watched Princess A’s first piano concerto and also showed us a great time. Thanks Jane for making us feel like super stars!Princess A’s hands were moving so fast it was hard to get good pictures.Here’s a faraway shot of the stage and the piano. It is just so grand! I really want a pink piano for Princess A now but it’s getting to the point where we are running out of space in our apartment. But does anyone know where I can buy one of these? Maybe when she is done with her changing table I can get one of these for her!

Stay Glamorous,