Before I say anything else I am not pregnant. This picture was taken in 2010 when I found out I was pregnant with Princess A.

I was so happy to be pregnant I took about 10 tests to be sure. My pregnancy was pretty easy but as I have discussed before I had a tough time with Princess A as a newborn.

Some days when she was crying a lot I would think, “Now I have the baby I was so excited to be pregnant with so why can’t I be as happy as I am in this picture.”

I have been using this picture as something to aspire too. Since Princess A has been born I have always asked myself, ” Am I as excited and happy as I was in the pregnancy test picture?” It was always no until recently. I don’t know what has happened lately but now even on bad days I still feel happy and laugh a lot. Maybe it is the Princess A hugs?

Well, whatever it is I am just glad to be back to my original feeling of joy.

I am happy again. YES!!!!!!!!!

Stay Glamorous,




16 responses to “YES!!!!

  1. Its a great place to be! Welcome back Shannon. πŸ™‚

  2. I never took a picture with mine but I kept them and put them in each of my kids scrapbooks.I am glad you are happy again

  3. I agree, welcome back Shannon. You are doing great sweetie.

  4. When I got pregnant I wasn’t exactly thrilled, it was mostly anxiety, but I was able to stay confident. Then I suffered from postpartum depression pretty badly for at least the first 8 months after I had her. But In the past 10 months I’ve been able to bounce back and enjoy my daughter and being a mother. Exhaustion and all! So I know exactly what you’re talking about. But I’m so glad you’ve snapped out of it, too!

  5. I am glad you are back to that happy place! It is a great place to be. I remember when I found out about each of my pregnancies (I have Katie and David, but I have also had 5 miscarriages since having David and have struggled with infertility since 2005). As a result of the infertility I have had a rough few years. I am now also getting to the point I was at before the infertility entered my life and I am really appreciating the blessings I have and not the “what could have been” if I had not had any of those losses.

  6. When my daughter was born, everything was wonderful. It wasn’t until she was 2 and my son was born that the joy turned into stress and overwhelming feelings of chaos. That lasted until he was 8 months. Every child is different. But it is great when you get to the point you can breathe again. Princess A looks so happy! You are doing a wonderful job. πŸ™‚

  7. Thank you for blogging your journey and letting us all a little into your life. It’s always nice to read your words and others comments and know that what you’re feeling is normal. Welcome back to the happy side of things. (and it’s totally all the hugs, kisses and laughs… they make the bad stuff just disappear)

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