The Husband and I love to travel and are lucky enough to have been to a lot of fun places.

Above is the view from our hotel in Barbados. It’s pretty but this was our least favorite vacation. I had always wanted to go to Barbados but to make a long story short we didn’t have much fun.

This sometimes happens to us. We go somewhere expecting to love it and then hate it or we aren’t thrilled to go somewhere and then fall in love with it.

This also happened to us with Croatia oh and I am not naked in this picture I am just wearing a strapless swimsuit. Anyway, we went to Croatia on a cruise and were the least excited for this port. In the end we ended up loving it and our day there was the highlight of our trip.

I want to start planning a vacation for our family. What are some of the places that you have surprisingly loved?

Stay Glamorous,



34 responses to “WHERE TO TRAVEL?

  1. I would say Amsterdam….. But thats not a very beach like holiday.
    I love Spain, and Seville in particular.
    I’m a culture girl, always looking for nice places to visit.
    Not really a holiday to relax kinda girl.

  2. Come to the England. You have the wonderful city of London for as much culture as you can handle. The beautiful coast line of Devon and Cornwall, the fantastic history of the monarchy and of course a good old fashioned cup of tea.

    I live in Surrey with my hubby and 6 year old son and we are about 40 minutes from London. I would love to buy you a cup of tea in our fabulous Capital.

    Jules x

  3. Oh, I really loved Ireland! I’ve spent a few weeks there with my father on a houseboat when I was younger and we were drivin up and down Shannon River seeing a lot of Ireland and it was amazing! A lot of green, sheeps pubs and good old Guinnes Beer πŸ˜‰ And so funny and openminded people. And was just awesome to sit in a small pub listening to a traditional irish live band, have a beer and talk to native people! I highly recommend Ireland for beautiful landscape and very nice and kind people! By the way, I love your blog, it kinda grew into a every-day-routine to check on your blog and read it because it always brings a smile to my face πŸ˜€ Have a good weekend with your family, xoxo Sarah

  4. Barcelona! I’ve lived in Spain for a while and worked as a tour guide. I accompanied a group of tourists on a trip to Barcelona and I immediately fell in love with this city.

  5. May I suggest Tangiers or Portugal? Both beautiful places, I kid you not. My #1 place to visit on my bucket list is Greece, to visit the Ruins.

  6. Have you been to Sweden? Beaches and shopping. All my vacations when I was a kid was to the swedish west coast. Then there’s Stockholm and the isles Gotland and Oland (2 beautiful isles on the east coast). We have the Astrid Lindgren World (author of pippi longstocking and many more) some Zoos spread across the country and a lot more depending on what you like πŸ™‚ Enough about my home country. Me I absolutely loved London and Rome, Paris was nice but I don’t think they’re that appealing to kids

  7. Washington DC I didn’t think it would be as amazing as it was, I really want to take Warren there when he’s older. I’ve only been to a few places. San Antonio, Texas because my mom won a trip from a radio contest. NY for a choir trip, and DC was also a choir trip. Boise, Idaho was fun because I was vising a friend who is a guitar tech. South Dakota is fun….I think that’s it other than Wisconsin lol. We have no money, so I’ve pretty much given up my dreams of traveling.

  8. Come to Iceland! It’s expensive, but there’s no place like it in the world. I’d recommend the Blue Lagoon for some relaxation πŸ™‚ Or if you want more of a beach holiday, I really loved Thailand. The food is yummy, the people are friendly and the scenery is really spectacular! Hope you have a nice holiday, wherever you go!

  9. It’s funny how that works. Me and my hubby are the same way. We get all excited about a trip, and then its the little “no-wheres” that end up being the most fun and memorable.
    We love Red River, NM, which is itty bitty, but so much fun and beautiful. We also used to live in Portland, OR, and we fell in love with the entire state of Oregon and Washington. None of which were ever high on my vacation to-do list, but they are simply beautiful.
    Astoria, OR is one of the best trips we’ve ever had, and some of the best foods we’ve ever eaten. Its where the Goonies was filmed and we did the “truffle shuffle” in front of the house. Awesome!!!! HA HA! During the summers Oregon has amazing Farmer’s Markets, and some of the best seafood ever. Its only about 45 min from Portland, so if you’re ever in that area, check out Astoria, such a sweet, interesting little town.
    We also love Seattle. We love the Northwest, and the Mountain areas (Colorado/Idaho/Montana/Northern New Mexico).
    We went to Hawaii this past September for 2 weeks, and I wouldn’t do it again. It was nice, but again, not as magical as I was expecting considering all the hype that is made about it. I actually enjoyed our trips to places in Mexico more that Hawaii, and it was WAY cheaper. Puerto Vallarta was gorgeous!
    Last summer, me and the hubby went to Denver, and fell in love. One of my favorites. I tend to like either big cities with a granola feel (Seattle, WA/Victoria BC/Portland, OR/Denver, CO/Austin, TX/New Orleans, LA, etc.), or real small towns that are quaint, unique, and have kind of a storybook feel (Red River, NM/ Durango, CO/ Astoria, OR/ Fredericksburg, TX, etc). Sometimes the small towns are good for keeping it simple with little ones. You can just relax at the house or log cabin, and let them play outside with no cars around. Do a little shopping at the towns boutiques and eat at their little restaurants with no long waits or reservations (which sometimes have the best food). We usually rent a house to avoid having our little ones in a hotel setting for a week. And we usually try to rent a house with either a hot tub or a private pool. Its a nice, relaxing little escape.
    I guess it depends on what you guys like to do. We like to be a little more laid back and not have a planned itinerary since we have two little ones. This summer we are going to Durango for a week, and going to take the girls on the Silverton train ride. We’ve rented a nice house in the mountains with a hot tub overlooking the river. I’m looking forward to that. Mama needs a vacation. Good luck picking a vacation spot! Can’t wait to see pics. I love seeing where other people go, and getting ideas of places I may not have ever thought of on my own.

  10. When she’s old enough to appreciate it, you have to take her to Disney world. Otherwise, a beach would be fine because she can play in the sand. Places with zoos and children’s museums that allow her to play. Wait till shes about five for Disney.

  11. This question is totally loaded. How far are you willing to travel? Would it just be the 3 of you or would some other family members tag along? Do you prefer beach vacations or just any time out of the city?

    Are you willing to fly international or is 3-5 hours your max? Does Princess A have a passport?

    If it’s just the 3, look for a place that has kids care (all inclusive resorts or hotels that offer babysitting) so that you and the hubby can go out for dinner one night or even during the day. If you’ve got family going, then you have built in babysitters.

    Places we’ve traveled to with kids is minimal- Tokyo, San Francisco, Maui, Sydney and Cairns. All were amazing. We’re currently planning a trip to Beijing and then numerous trips once we move to Turkey. We went to Jamaica pre-kids and it was alright as long as you stuck to the resort stuff. There are lots of great places in Mexico- but watch out for drinking water. I will say I prefer travel where I know I can go out and get whatever I need for the kids and not have to pack enough diapers/wipes/food for the entire trip.

  12. Argentina!!!! =)
    We have a lot of attractive places…Buenos Aires it’s really cultural,artistic and magical….i’m in love with my city! But Buenos Aires is JUST ONE of the places in my country…May be you want to be in contact with the nature, i’ve to recommend you Misiones, and the “Cataratas del IguazΓΊ” (were chosen as one of the “Seven Natural Wonders of the world.”).
    Or may be you want to stay in calm and enjoying the landscape…the perfect place is Patagonia…the provinces of the south.
    Well…as a proud argentinian, i recommend the entire country. =) Argentina from north to south,and from the East to West…
    And you’re lucky! For the tourist Argentina is cheap!! =)
    So…think about it. πŸ˜‰

    P.S. I think i choose right…when i decided to study Tourism…hahaha. (I’m gonna be a Travel agent =D)

  13. I think you shld travel to Australia…South Australia more like it…A place called Kangaroo Island is a very nice place for Family’s. Princess A would so the pretty beaches and the seals that lay around on the beach with all there babys. Then you have the wild life parks and get to see Koals and put kangaroos and feed them. It’s such a magical place. My ex in laws use to live there and we use to travel over there so often and never got sick of it. You have to travel via a ferry to get there and you can also hire a car, but it’s worth the trip. The ferry ride on takes 30mins and if you look out you can see dolphins swimming by the ferry. I recommand you to google it, just to see how beautiful it really is…Then you can visit me LOL!!! xxxx

    • Kangaroo Island… sounds like my kind of place! I love kangaroos! And seals with baby seals OMG I want to leave now. I went to Australia as a kid but only saw Sydney and Brisbane. I just hate that Australia is so far away!

  14. I was in Croatia a few times now and I always loved it. (Like ten times)
    But I also was in a few other countrys here in Europe: Germany (Cuz I live here), Netherlands (my grandma is dutch and my godparents are too), Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, France, Spain, Bulgaria, Poland, Turkey and a few other countrys.
    From all these countrys I liked Croatia and Turkey the most. The weather was always nice and the water was perfect. PLus my grandma and grandpa have a few people they know in pretty much every country here in Europe.
    It’s always funny πŸ™‚ ❀

  15. I would say the Netherlands/Amsterdam as well, but you’ve been there before without Amelia.
    I’ve been to Normandie, in France, and I totally felt in love! There’s so much culture, and lots about the WW2 (I’m very intrested in the WW2, so maybe that’s why it was so nice to me), but other things as well!
    And there are some places I’d like to go, but you’ve been there already (NY, LA, Croatia).
    Australie sounds fun to me, or Germany (I’ve been there 2 times, Trier is a beautiful city!).

  16. If you wanna visit Europe again than come to Prague (Czech republic). ItΒ΄s really beautiful city with lot of attractions.

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