I talk a lot about my love for Freckles but how can I not when he is so awesome. This is Princess A at about three months old and Freckles watching over her.

Freckles has always been protective of Amelia but their relationship has gone throw some stages.

First, he was confused by her.

Stage Two, he wanted to lick her all the time.

Stage 3, he was jealous of her.

Stage 4, he realized he got more attention if he did cute stuff with her.

Stage 5, she became mobile and he became scared for his life. Lots of tail pulling occurred during this stage.

Stage 6, they are basically the same size although Freckles weighs more. Now they play together all the time and there is lots of baby giggling. They are basically best friends forever.

I know their relationship will go through many stages but I hope they are always BFFs.

Stay Glamorous,



11 responses to “BFFS

  1. Pets can be the “best” best friends in the world. They never judge us, love you unconditionnally (with the exception if you beat them and that stuff, but somewhat they still luv you…), they can be the best “ear” in youre life, you can confide everything to them…. Amelia is lucky to have Freckles and that they have that special relation between them. It’s sure that Freckles had to adapt to the situation but he did a good job up to now!

  2. My niece and my parents’ dog are long distance BFFs. The dog gets so excited and licks the phone when he knows it is her on the phone or if her name is mentioned. They wear each other out when they visit. I think he went through the similar stages as Freckles.

    PS. Freckles: Nap a lot now. Once Princess A can walk, run, and learns fetch you are in for some VERY busy days.

  3. My daughter and my dog ( Opal ) have a similar relationship. Amy is the only person in the house that Opal will take food from without trying to take off a finger lol. I think she realizes that Amy is a toddler and not to be rough housed with, even though Amy sometimes plays too rough with her. She is getting the hang of petting Opal without yanking on her. We also have 2 other dogs, but they pretty much keep their distance lol.

  4. I think that is one of the best parts of being a mom, is watching your child grow and develop their own unique relationships with those around them, whether they be human or animal. My relationship with Kalie was so different from the one that Katelyn and David had with her. It went through stages as well. We are getting our new puppy in about 5 weeks and I can’t wait to see how that interaction develops. My kids have never had a puppy, Kalie was here before they were.

    • They will love their puppy! I agree about the relationships. I love the relationship my daughter has with her grandparents.

      • Not only do I love the relationship my kids have with my Mom (my dad passed away when Katie was 9 months old), I love watching my Mom as a Grandma. The bond between her and each of my kids and my nieces and nephews is unreal.

  5. A girl and her dog… they’ll be friends for life, they just have to adjust to each other with each new change. They’re so cute together!

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