On Easter we went to Central Park to look at the beautiful flowers. This is one of our family traditions. What we didn’t expect was for the trees to be this pretty.Here’s another pretty tree. I felt like I was in a fairytale.Then we went to see the flowers. They were beautiful but could not compare to Princess A.I wish I got her full face in this shot!I just love her eyelashes!Of course Princess A and Freckles caused some mischief so I had to separate them!My 2 little monsters!Purple tulips… I think! I am bad at recognizing the different types of flowers.It was hard to handle a toddler and dog in the park and even harder to get some good shots. The Husband kept trying to get them to look at him but they kept getting distracted.At least I am looking at the camera!

Princess A’s Outfit

Dress- Amelia (YES! That’s the brand’s name) via my good friend Mariah

Pants- Gap

Shoes- Sperry via Aunt Stacey

Bow- Walmart

My Outfit

Pants- Gap

Coat- Nordstrom Rack

Socks- Little Missmatched

Shoes- Bass

Stay Glamorous,



10 responses to “PRINCESS A’S OUTFIT OF THE DAY!

  1. Wauw, what are the trees beautiful! I really love them 😛
    And the purple tulips are purple tulips ^^, I should make a pic of the tulips in here, from my dad =)

    Hihi, Princess A and Freckles (and you!!!) are looking so good between all the couloured flowers!

  2. Central Park is really beautiful and your pictures are always amazing.Princess A and you are very cute.

  3. I love your yellow pants!

  4. I have to say that I effing love those trees. Yes those are purple tulips, but I love the daffodils that are behind ya during those pics. Your pants matched them exactly. You are a brave woman. Wearing yellow jeans??? I love yellow but I stick to black, blue yea those colors work for me. Looking glam as always sweetie. Keep up the great work.

  5. Central Park is a very pretty place. So beautiful.

    I like your outfit. The Princess A’s dress is cute. She suits her well. 🙂

  6. So beautiful! I can’t believe how fast Princess A’s hair is starting to grow. I love the way it curls at the back. It’s so cute. And those eyelashes……I’m so jealous! 🙂

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