Yesterday Princess A turned 13 months and these are the balloons from her 1st birthday party still going strong! I can’t believe they have lasted so long. Princess A waves to them every morning and loves staring at them. I don’t know what we will do when they die.In New York City there are tons of rats and I have no idea how they survive because they are fat and have no survival skills. Last week I was walking Freckles late at night and in front of us a rat stopped and stared at us. I thought the rat would run away as we got closer but I was wrong!

The rat just stood there and we had to walk around him. That big fat rat kind of reminded me of how somehow these balloons have survived a whole month. So in honor of them I wore a rat shirt.

Cheers to all things that are still around despite all odds.

Shirt- Marc by Marc Jacobs

Stay Glamorous,



5 responses to “BALLOONS AND RATS

  1. Luv the shirt! It’s not everyday you can see a pretty rat shirt! 🙂

  2. Ummmmm rats, I effing hate rats. You def have a cute rat shirt but NO THANK YOU!!!! LOL At least that rat didn’t hiss or follow you. That would have been scary.

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