My hair is finally starting to grow in after the hair loss I experienced post baby. This is exciting news but I will still be using my big headband and sunglasses look! I thought things would get easier when Princess A got older. I was wrong things are nowhere near easy. The only thing that has changed is that I have more fun and I am more used to the crazyness of being a mom!

So big headbands and sunglasses you are here to stay… because nothing makes me feel and look glamorous when I haven’t showered and am covered in poop, pee, and puke quite like you do.

Stay Glamorous,




  1. I made the same mistake of thinking it would get easier as she got older. The only thing that’s gotten easier is my back doesn’t hurt half as bad because she likes to walk by herself. Other than that I agree completely. I have more fun and I’m used to messes, fits, pull-up explosions, lack of sleep, and exhaustion. I think the most important thing that happens as time goes on, is you learn to appreciate motherhood more and more.

  2. I can so relate with the hair loss post baby.I thought it would stop but I am still nursing so doctor reassured me when he weaned it wouldn’t happen as much.

    • Really? I wasn’t able to breast feed because of an infection that I got from the hospital and my hair loss lasted for months… not to burst your bubble or anything. Maybe I am just an exception.

  3. Good idea. Yea showers, those took to place of baths which should never happen. I remember them days. Oh wait, still got some happening. LOL Keep on looking glam sweetie.

  4. Shannon don’t feel bad you couldn’t nurse this is my third child .My first two were not easy nursers in fact it was pure hell nursing my oldest she was simply happier being bottle fed and I was suffering from Post Partum Depression.I became happier and so did she the day I weaned her although I got pregnant when she was six months old with my second child LOL.Josh was born liking his boob go figure he is a boy I can’t imagine what he will be like as a teenager he will probably like boobs then too.His medical condition sometimes makes eating tricky so I am glad in a way although I am leaning toward wanting to wean so I can get healthier and take allergy meds again.The thing I have told all moms is don’t beat yourself up if you can’t nurse you are still an incredible mom and Princess A seems like a sweetheart .

    • Thanks Missy!!!!! I felt really bad about only breast feeding for 5 days but I had to be put on meds for my infection that weren’t safe for Amelia and she wasn’t getting enough fluids or gaining weight. I will to a blog post about it soon because there is a lot of pressure about it and most of my mom friends who formula fed lied about it.

  5. There is so much other moms don’t share and I wish they would.Larissa doesn’t seem any worse for wear except for being extremely sassy these days guess that’s normal for being almost 10.I find your blog so fun to read thx.

  6. I love your headbands and glasses. My hair is still falling out in clumps… so sad. I haven’t noticed full on bald spots yet, but I’m starting to get afraid to look.

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