I am very excited to post about this. When Princess A was still small enough to play in a jumperoo she loved to bounce to music. Her favorite song to jump to was Spencer Bell’s “Thunderdome”. I have a video of this somewhere but can’t find it :(.

Anyway, Kerrie Castle is making an awesome video of people from all around the world singing Spencer Bell’s “Thunderdome.” In an effort to not mess up any of the submission guidelines here is exactly what Bill Bell posted on the Spencer Bell Legacy website.Thunderdome SBL Project

What:  The Thunderdome SBL Project will become a video collaboration of people from around the globe lip syncing to the song Thunderdome (The Stevedores Tamuawok version).

Who:  Anyone can participate in this project and all that is required is your imagination, a video camera, the song Thunderdome, and you.  If you do not have a copy of the song here is a link to the download from Itunes:  You can lip sync the entire song, or just part of it, it is totally up to you.  🙂  We would love, love, love to see your local landscape somehow presented in your video in order to show the beauty across the globe.

When:  Your video would need to be completed and uploaded no later than midnight EST of April 25, 2012 in order to allow enough time for the editing process.  🙂

Where:  You can send your videos along with your first name and city, country to the e-mail address:

We will accept videos in any format, but we prefer .mpeg or quicktime files for easier formatting.  You can also upload your video to YouTube and notify us at the thunderdome e-mail of the link to your video.  But you must notify us, because otherwise we will not know the location of your video unless we have the link.

Why:  We feel that this would be a way for many awesome people around the globe to unite and collaborate on a wonderful project.  We plan on uploading the video to YouTube to share with everyone and possibly showing it at SBL Madison.

Any questions?:  Please feel free to e-mail or tweet Kerrie (Kiffy) @kiffyann on Twitter if you you have any further questions about this project.  Much gratitude to you all!  🙂


I am very excited about this!!!! I think we are going to do a fun video of my family singing with the Empire State building in the background or another fun New York City landmark! And if I find the video of Princess A dancing to “Thunderdome” I will submit that as well!

Stay Glamorous,



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