I love spring time in New York. I especially love the trees but they also give me allergies. The flowers that bloom on the trees get blown off on windy days and go everywhere causing me to sneeze. Anyone have any good tips for keeping allergies at bay without taking so much Benadryl I fall asleep at the wheel of a stroller?

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10 responses to “SPRING TIME IN NEW YORK

  1. Hey Shannon, I live next to a wood in England (UK!) and have the same problem! After various remedies and even a steroid injection Ive found that smearing a tiny bit of Vaseline inside my nose really helps! Not very glamourous but helps to stop the pollen from getting where it shouldn’t 🙂 not sure if you guys have Vaseline over there? Hope this helps you x

  2. I’ve had severe allergies my whole life until I started taking Zyrtec D. It works wonders, but you would need to take it continuously, I believe, not just “as needed”. I can enjoy spring again! Everything blooms here in Texas too! Hope you find something that works for you! Allergies are no fun & can beat you up!

  3. I do nasal sprays. On low pollen days, I just use a saline spray to wash out the sinus passage, but on higher days I use Nasalcrom or Nasonex. I prefer Nasalcrom because I can take it more often, where Nasonex is only once a day. I can’t take oral antihistamines at all, but I’ve also been told if you take a 24 hour one like Zyrtec, take it at night and it’ll lessen the fuzzy side effects.

  4. I took Zyrtec, Claritin etc… the generics from Walgreens – I personally couldn’t handle anything w/”D” in it as it sped up my heart rate through the roof. But those things did help and weren’t costly… sometimes it takes a bit to figure out which one works best for you to clear up congestion/puffiness/itchiness… I can’t take Benadryl either or Sudafed for that matter… and now I can’t take anything for another couple weeks til I have this baby. Our cherry blossoms, lilacs, hyacinyths, daffodils etc are/ were all in bloom & I’m stuck w/a Neti pot or saline and Halls cough/congestion drops in a cup w/decaf tea… not exactly fun 🙂

  5. What I am gonna recommend?? Ask your doctor for the best things. Trust me, he/she will have the best idea. I take benadryl at night and sleep great. But yea, i take a nose spray, not saline but its not suppose to be taken for long periods of time. totally insane.

  6. I live in the woods in GA so I can feel your pain. I have two things. I take Chlor-Trimeton (it does not mess with any medications and it is a non-drowsy formula). If I am at home (Ok, this is so less than glamorous), I wet a washcloth and kind of suck up water through my nose. It cleans it without having to use any medications. It helps me, maybe it will help you.

  7. I’ve learned after 40 years living in the Ohio Valley that an allergy medication is a must. Right now, I’m using Allegra (no d) and it’s working fairly well, but I also use a lot of saline spray and then stay inside as much as I can during “high pollen” days. (We have a lot of those here). Finding the perfect allergy med for you is going to take trial and error though. Last summer I actually went through having 8 upper respiratory infections in 3 months before finding the right combination of things.

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