I get tons of emails asking me how I get so many good pictures of Princess A so I just wanted to do a post to share some of my tips.

1- Take tons of pictures. I get my best pictures of Princess A when I am just randomly taking pictures. Sometimes I strike gold sometimes  Princess A runs out of the frame and bumps into me leaving me with a blurry picture of my kitchen like the one above. I take about 200 pictures a day but usually delete about 170 of those pictures. Thank goodness for digital cameras!

2- Kids are like wildlife so shoot them in their natural habitat. I take pictures of Princess A when she is busy playing. Whenever I try to do a formal shoot she gets bored and fussy.

3- Don’t push it. If your kid is getting upset with the pictures stop and try after their nap or tomorrow. Also, if your kid is in a crummy mood don’t try to get them in a good mood for the sake of a picture. You can even get some cute shots of your kid when they are moody… as mean as it sounds.

4- The less people the better. Princess A is pretty good in front of the camera when it is just myself, The Husband, Freckles, and her but when other people are around she gets nervous and distracted. Also, other people offer unsolicited help and all the sudden you have 10 adults dancing and singing behind the camera trying to get your kid to smile but instead freaking them out and causing a temper tantrum. Not like that has ever happened to me or anything…

5- Appreciate your kid for who they are. Princess A smiles in a lot of pictures but a lot of the time she gives the stink eye. I think the stink eye pictures show more of her personality than the smiling ones. If you always try to get a shot of your kid smiling you might be missing out on some great and unique facial expressions!

So those are my tips. What are yours?

Stay Glamorous,



3 responses to “PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS

  1. I have almost nothing to add… they sounds pretty much like the tips I would give.
    Something that works fine for Lillian:
    Grab the vacuum cleaner, switch it on and let her sit on it. It already worked when she started to crawl and it still works with 2 years. So if a kid has a favourite tool you use for cleaning up, cooking etc. let her/him play with it and you’ll get sweet pictures with a smiling and laughing kid. ^^

  2. Thanks for the tips! I am clueless when it comes to taking pictures. Most of Amy’s ( my daughter. Just realized I never mentioned her name before in comments ) pics come out blurry or she looks mad. That’s just her neutral face expression. I’m pretty sure she gets is from me. If I don’t smile, people think I’m mad. I’m like ” No. I just look like this “. So, yeah, I think i will try what you’ve suggested and just start snapping pics. Hopefully some come out ok.

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