I finally got my hair did. I was in desperate need of a trim and some highlights but just couldn’t find the time to make it to the salon. I had so many split ends I was a bit nervous to go. I got the confidence to go and my hair dresser blew out my hair as well. I love my hair curly but it is nice to have it blown dry straight every once in a while!

Shirt- Old Navy

Sunglasses- Urban Outfitters

Socks- DSW

Shoes- Betsey Johnson

Skirt- Betsey Johnson

Stay Glamorous,



14 responses to “HAIR DID!

  1. Rock on with you glam self! I’m trying to let my hair grow out & it’s driving me insane! I am half tempted to shave it off & buy several wigs so I can easily change my look when the mood strikes me. BTW, I loooooove the shirt. Reminds of the girls in Grease!

  2. Having way curly hair myself it is great to have it blown straight once in a while, makes you feel like a whole different person! Even better when my husband says “well hello!” lol. Its the little things! Hair looks great.

  3. Very beautiful. I love your socks and the shirt. The colors are very nice.

  4. awwwwwwwwwwwwww darling u look adorable, zomg i so wanted to be a pink lady, i effing loved Grease 2, looking glam, keep it up

  5. You look great! I like your hair frizzy but straight hair suits you, too.

    I got a haircut yesterday, too. I’m so jealous of my little princess: She has long, wavy hair and always looks like she just got her hair done. 🙂

  6. The hair looks great! I also like the socks and boots.

  7. Yours looks great straight!
    Mine looks like crap…
    But, that’s ok.
    I got my hair did as well yesterday & some hi-lights!
    Love it!
    Feel so much better, right?

  8. You look so different with your hair straight! I love it both ways, they both suit you really well. And of course, I love your shirt.

  9. Anyone notice the headquarters in the photo? (not the one on the moon)

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