New York is a hard place to raise a kid. With crazy cab drivers, small apartments, and expensive preschools you would think that ice cream trucks would be the last thing on a New York mom’s mind but you are wrong.

The scandalous topic of discussion in my playgroups and mommy and me classes is that some mom’s are trying to get the ice cream truck banned from parking outside our local playground. They don’t like that every time they go to the playground they have to say no to getting their kids ice cream or buy their kids ice cream. I am in the minority because I think the ice cream truck should stay outside the play ground because…

1- What if I want ice cream? Some days a cone with rainbow sprinkles just changes my mood. Should I be denied this luxury because other people don’t want to deal with a potential temper tantrum?

2- This is New York. My playground is in a one blockย  radius from a Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, and Candy Store. If the ice cream truck goes I think these establishments should be kicked out too.

3- People smoke next to the playground which I think is much worse.

4- I like the ice cream man. I have talked about him and shown a picture of him in a previous post but just wanted to say again that he is fabulous. He always dresses fabulously and when I was a new mom he always said hi to me and complimented my outfit even on days when I looked horrible.

5- If you don’t want your kid to have ice cream then just say no. When I go to the play ground Princess A just wants to swing. She would live in the swing if she could but after about 5 minutes I take her out and no matter what she throws a temper tantrum. What am I suppossed to do? Let her swing all day? Start a campaign to get the swings thrown out of the park because my daughter throws a temper tantrum when she sees a swing and another child is in it or when I take her out of it? No, I just take Princess A out of the swing. If she protests I say no, put her in her stroller, and leave the playground. I know it will be harder when she is older but she has already kicked me in the face so I feel like I have some experience with temper tantrums.

6-I think the ice cream truck provides me with a way to teach my daughter that some days we have ice cream and some days we don’t. Ice cream is fun and tasty but it is not an essential part of a healthy diet.

7-Kids throw temper tantrums end of story. If the ice cream truck gets banned I am sure the kids will find something else to get upset about because that’s how they test their limits and learn.

So I am against having the ice cream truck banned but I am interested to see what you guys think. Any thoughts?

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34 responses to “THE WAR ON ICE CREAM

  1. I totally agree with you, Shannon. If the trunk isn’t there, who’s to say that the kids wont start yelling about the candy store? They will find something to throw a fit about so a little thing like an Ice-cream truck being banned isn’t the answer.

  2. That’s ridiculous. See, this is where the whole parenting thing comes in. As you said, yes the kids may not be happy when told they can’t have or do something they want and throw a temper tantrum but kids need to learn that no means no. Yes, temper tantrums are hard to deal with but that’s what kids do until they learn.

  3. I couldn’t agree more. There is NOTHING wrong with saying no and everyone has the right to raise their kids the way they want to. Give the guy trying ti make a living a break.

  4. I agree with all of the above!! Mostly #2 and #6. Other moms can suck it up and learn to tell their kids “no”. It’s a part of life to hear no from your parents at times, suck it up and move on!! I got your back!! THE ICECREAM TRUCK SHOULD STAY!!
    (#1 is a valid point also! ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  5. Shannon, # 5, # 6, & # 7 prove you are doing your job. Damn right the ice cream truck shouldn’t be banned. Here is point # 8: It’s a job for the man behind the wheel. He is supporting himself, and possibly other family as well. Should they all be destitute because a couple of hoity-toity moms don’t feel like doing THEIR job and teaching their kids boundaries! WTF is wrong with people! If they are worried it will scar their kid’s psych not to let them have every little thing in life handed to them then they are too busy trying to be their kid’s friend. Be a parent not a friend! Ugh!
    Okay getting off my high horse now & putting away the soap box we were standing on.
    Ps I remember that kick you posted, Princess A got some powerful little legs.

    • She does have strong legs! Thanks for number 8 Angie. The truck is actually owned by a family so sometimes the owners sister and son work at it so it would be horrible if they were all out of a job.

  6. I think the people that are complaining about the ice cream truck are being rediculous and just don’t want to take the responsibilities of being a parent. I’m tired of parents blameing other people and the media for what is their duty as a parent. As far as I’m concerned, it’s my responsibility to decide what my child watches, eats, etc., until she is old enough to understand and make those decisions for herself. If I don’t want her watching or eating something, that’s on me. Not someone else.

    • Agreed Melody. It’ve probably said this before but people always ask me how I got Amelia to stop using a pacifier and I didn’t do anything but take it away from her when the doctor said I should. She was fussy for a day and then got over it.

  7. Have the same opinion than you Shannon!!
    I deal with that each and every day, cos my son would eat ice cream 24/7 if iยดd let him!! So just leave the Ice cream truck where it is!! Every mum has to deal with stuff like that from time to time!

  8. yum, ice-cream!!!! thats my opinion… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. I work for the dreaded health department and even we don’t think that Ice Cream trucks should be banned! It’s like the food police are everywhere trying to take the fun out of being a kid. If you look on the truck, there are probably many healthier options along with the traditional fare. You can’t teach the recommended “everything in moderation” method of living if you don’t have everything to moderate! If you look in those same mom’s homes there are probably way worse things than ice cream lurking behind their doors! This way always drives me crazy! Sure we shouldn’t eat ice cream or double cheeseburgers every day, but once and a while it’s nice to do something for the pure enjoyment of it.

  10. I so agree w/ you!
    At sometime you’ve got to teach your child the word ‘no’ & that they can’t have everything they want, when they want it…
    I always set boundaries w/ my oldest, before we went out, telling him that today we’re just going to the store for such & such, no extras.
    Then, when I have extra to get him something I’d say ‘we’re going to the store & IF you’re good, you can have a suprise at the end.’
    It worked wonderfully!
    He’s still a child who never asks for frivolous things.
    He usually likes to ask for a book, so its kinda hard to deny that, but he’s just always been s pretty good kid.
    Now, as for Ian… I’m going to have lots of tantrums, I can foresee it already… he’s got a temper & wants things, when he wants them… LOL
    I’m sure I’ll have a few face kicks coming to me.
    Good luck w/ your close minded group…

    • It would be hard to say no to a book. Princess A sounds like Ian. She doesn’t know what the ice cream truck is but I am sure when she does she will get upset if I say no… oh well. Right now she just throws tantrums when her turn on the swing is over… but you would think I was doing something horrible to her by the way she gets upset!

  11. Talking about temper tantrums… in the middle of the grocery store, today – the loudest one ever, with tears, throwing herself on the floor and a red, blotchy face. For nothing… ๐Ÿ˜€

    I totally agree with you. The moms are just too lazy to raise their kids properly and they don’t wanna discuss about ice cream. What if the ice cream truck is about two miles away from the playground and they decide to eat some ice-cream because it’s hot outside?! I’d like to see their faces… ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Moms at my kids’ school want the same thing – the school borders a park, and an ice cream truck circles there every day around the time school gets out (they actually can’t park here unless someone waves them down to make a purchase). I’ve never understood why it’s a problem. Just say no. I always have, and it’s never once caused anything more than an “aww, please?” response. And even if it did, oh well. I’d still say no without a moment’s regret or guilt.

    People are weird.

  13. If these mom’s don’t want to deal with temper tantrums then they shouldn’t have had kids. Ice cream truck or no ice cream truck, it’s going to happen. I am ALL for an ice cream truck, especially with such an awesome ice cream man as yours has. What is with so many parents wanting to take away all the fun and excitement of being a kid? I lived in a big city for awhile and was just as excited as a 5 year old for the ice cream truck because we never had one in my small town! It was a treat for me at 23 to be able to go to the ice cream truck and buy something!

  14. Ice cream man should stay. I feel it a parenting thing and I’ve noticed something among the blogs I read; all the moms want to get rid of things to make it easier on them. If it’s not convenient for them then they should all get together and get rid of it. I tell my kids no all the time to things. iPods, video games, double dessert, later bed time and the endless line of the ‘Can I…’ questions. It’s teaching your kids limits and as for the temper tantrums? If it’s not about the ice cream it’ll just be about something else. That’s life with kids.

    • So true Tara. Sometimes I actually feel like kids want to hear no which is why they will throw temper tantrums at least a couple of times in their life no matter how hard you try to avoid it. maybe they want to feel safe and that someone else is in charge? Who knows but I do know that if my ice cream truck is banned everyone’s kids will find something else to ask for.

  15. Oh you have hit on one of my biggest pet peeves. Everyone thinking they need to be catered to because they are afraid to say “no” to their child. My children learned at a young age that temper tantrums do not get them what they want, and in fact they may loose more if they decide to throw one. I can now take my kids anywhere and if I say “no” to something they know I mean it, and no whining will get them their way. They now do not throw temper tantrums and haven’t in many years.
    I am especially mean, I have an ice cream truck that comes by my house every Sunday. If my kids have not earned it (through good behaviour etc…) they don’t get it. One day when my daughter was 4, I told her if she didn’t behave she wasn’t getting ice cream. She pushed her luck and I said no ice cream. All her friends were out playing and they all got ice cream, her brother got ice cream, her dad and I each got ice cream. I made her sit and watch us all eat it. She didn’t get a drop. People thought I was mean not giving in to her. Guess what? I never had to do that again. Many people want to do what is easy, not what is best for their kids. We are raising a generation of kids who are not being told no, and are getting their way. As soon as you give in, your child will push for more and soon you have lost all control. Your kids need to know that you mean what you say. You seem to be doing that with Princess A, and as a result you will have a happy, well adjusted child, who won’t expect the world to cater to her every want and desire. Nobody said parenting was easy, in fact it is the hardest thing I have ever done, but it is also the most rewarding thing I have ever done.

    • I totally agree with you Karen and don’t think you are mean at all. I love that Princess A is stubborn and feisty but I feel like I will have to do what you did with your daughter a couple of times in the near future.

  16. I agree with you. To be a good mom : say “no” sometimes. They love us still !
    It’s a part of education.

  17. I agree with you. Banning ice cream trucks because they do not wish their child to have ice cream is absurd. Maybe they should be at parenting classes instead of the park if they cannot say no to their child. I am very lucky that my daughter has never thrown a temper tantrum – but I have sat for many nieces and nephews and lets just say a couple of them would have a tantrum if you said no to just about anything. Guess what – held my ground and once they realized that the screaming, crying and kicking didn’t get to me they stopped.

    • I like the parenting class idea! I agree with you that they stop when they realize it gets them nowhere. Amelia is getting better about not throwing tantrums when I take her out of the swing but she tests me every once in awhile and I just have to ignore it.

  18. I never understood people that sue instead of taking responsibility for their own lives. A judge (somewhere, I’ll find it if needed) threw out a two year old lawsuit complaining that McDonalds was exploiting children by putting toys in their HappyMeals. Really? What a jerk. I’m glad the judge threw it out. Happy Meals were a treat for my brother and I. We loved them. Its all about parenting and moderation. Kids should have treats: not all the time, in moderation. Frankly, Michelle Obama needs to stay out of parents’ business too. She needs to concentrate on her own kids.

    • I am so out of it because of being a mom I have no idea what Michelle Obama is doing lol. Yeah, that case sounds stupid! We have so many other important stuff that needs to be fixed.

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