My friend Sumner came over and took these pictures. They are very appropriate because this is the first thing you see when you walk in my door… a dog nose. Freckles will jump on you and lick you all over and if you have any food with you FORGET about it. If you didn’t know how much we love and care for Freckles you would think we starved him of attention and food. Neither is true. He eats his food and our food. When he is done eating his food (which is usually the same thing we are eating but in a dog bowl) he starts to beg for food from us. He would eat all day if he could. Why are dogs ALWAYS hungry?Freckles sleeps in our bed, gets tons of walks, fetch time, and belly rubs but if one of us leaves for even five minutes he cries and then sniffs around the apartment for us. It is the saddest thing ever. I wish I could talk to him and say, “Daddy, has to go to work and will come home later like he always does.” or “I am only leaving for 30 minutes so I can get some alone time.” But alas, I can not talk to him and he always acts like he is being starved of everything in life.Here is Freckles eating a bone in OUR bed even though he has 2 dog beds and one cage. Does this look like a dog who doesn’t get enough love or food?

Anyway, do any fellow dog lovers have any tips on getting their dog to calm down and realize how loved they are… and why do dogs always eat like they haven’t eaten in years…. even after they have finished a huge serving of spaghetti and meatballs?

Stay Glamorous,


First 2 images shot by Sumner Hatch


12 responses to “HUNGRY DOG

  1. My Lettie is the same way and she has major separation anxiety, I can’t even go to the bathroom without her freaking out, lol. One of my friends suggested the Thunderjacket, she said it worked wonders for her dog. I haven’t been able to get it and try it myself yet but I’ve heard it works great.

  2. They don’t want to stop eating… because… because… because they’re dogs!
    Jasper starts crying when someone leaves the living room, he wants to go with you everywhere (even in the bathroom and the toilet…)! But most of the time there’s someone else in the living room, calling his name, and then he stops 😀 Maybe you should record your voice and play it the whole day, lol 😛

  3. Try to occupy him just before you leave with a toy or a bone. He’ll be so busy playing/eating that he won’t notice youre gone! And don’t give him attention when he asking in these moments. You’ll reinforce his comportement. One of my friend sometimes, give to her dogs a dog cookie with peanut butter on it just before she leave. It’s really sticky for them (it stick on the top of their mouth) so while youre going away, they are busy trying to undo the sticky mess! As for asking for food, most of the time, it’s a habit they took,most of the time really young. Try to ignore him when he doing it and Freckles will eventually stop. Be constant and you can even give him something to keep him busy while your eating.

  4. Its a biological thing. Most dogs can eat all day, because they don´t have a feeling of satiety. Wolves aren´t eat daily and so dogs are still “forced” from mother nature to fill their bellies.
    And it really happend, that I got ask, if I don´t feed my dog JJ, because he was looking for food on the street. Even my granny thought I don´t gave him food. And I just say over and over “He got food and goodies. I´m not a bad mom!”, when the people give me this look “She don´t take care of this poor little thing.”…

    And its strange to admit that: But I really do that, when I´m leaving. I say to him “Ill hurry. I´ll be back soon. Be a good boy. You´re a big dog, not a baby.”.
    And then I ran out of the apartment, because I try to avoid bursting out in tears, because JJ lays on his back, wag his tail and look at me as if he want to say “Don´t leave me. I´m a Baby. I need you here.”.
    I know, its probably the wrong thing to do. So mostly I try to just say Bye and then leave. No drama. But its hard just to go, when he look at me, as if I want to leave forever.

    • I feel the same way. I never want to leave. I wish I could bring my dog to mommy and me classes. They should have Mommy, Me, and my dog classes lol. It’s interesting what you said about wolves… I always forget my cute furry friend comes from wolves.

      • I think, Freckles would have fun in the classes. 😉 And also Princess A and the other kids.

        I try to take JJ with me when its possible. But he´s very naughty, so its a task. lol
        I try to train him to help me cleaning. He´s a good cleaner, because he´s eating everything on the floor and even mop it…

        When he look at me like a poor little puppy I also forget that. But then he yawn and I have a good look at his tusks. And when we play “pull the blanket” he growls. So one of his nicknames is cub.

      • so cute. I try to take Freckles everywhere too!

  5. At least Freckles is too little to counter surf. We have 2 furbabies living with a family member while we’re over seas and one of them has learned to counter surf. She’s gotten loaves of bread, butter (her favorite), tortillas, soup, eaten through her dog food bag and food container. Other than that she’s just a big love bug… who is spoiled rotten with walks and sleeping on couches, has a dog door and a big backyard she can go out into any time she wants…. yet she still goes crazy when people come or go.

  6. Wow, Freckles sounds EXACTLY like our Winston. Glad to know that we’re not the only ones. We had to get a king size bed cos there’s now 4 in the bed with Emerson joining us at times.

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