After chasing Princess A around the Plaza we went to the Eloise store. It was basically my dream bedroom as a child… ok, I won’t lie to you I wish my bedroom looked like this now!The carpet was pink and it had quotes from the Eloise books on it!I wanted to buy everything in this store!!! I settled on a cute outfit for Princess A and some Eloise decals it was hard though. If I was rich I would of just bought the store!The most glam outfits were for older kids. This is Princess A’s future wardrobe!!!!Here we are right before tea time. The decals on the wall behind us are the ones I bought for Princess A’s room!

Stay Glamorous,




  1. Awesome store! I hope Princess enjoyed it — Shannon, you look great !!!
    I love how Mommy and Amelia match the stripes.

    Too adorable!

  2. Seeing those dresses and Princess A’s adorable outfits every day makes me miss having little girls around to dress up. 😦

    But it looks like you guys had a blast! I’ve always loved Eloise at the Plaza. If I have a daughter one day, I’m gonna make sure to pass that love on! 🙂

  3. I must admit, I haven’t read the books… I don’t know why because I’m a reader. Maybe they aren’t very popular in Germany?! Hmmm…

    Looks great and I will definitely – I really want to travel to New York one day – take Lillian to the Plaza. But it has to wait at least 3 years because I want Lillian to be fully aware of what we are doing, so she can remember herself that mommy and grams took her on a trip to New York. 😉

    The dresses are so adorable and I’d have bought the decals, too. I really wish we had such glam stuff here.

    • I agree you should wait until she is older. The books are awesome. I don’t know if they come in German. Eloise is based off of Liza Minelli and she is a girl who lives in the Plaza and causes all sorts of fun trouble!

      • I just found two or three books in German at and they’re just available in used quality. So I think it’ll be best to buy them in English and read them alone at first and when she’s older, we can read them together.

        About 10% of my books are in German language. I love reading in English and I hope Lillian will, too one day. My friends always give me the stink eye because they can’t borrow my books. 😀

      • I think that’s cool… it will help Lillian learn a second language! I wish I knew something besides English and will be taken a mommy and me music spanish class this summer with Amelia so we can learn together!

      • I loved to learn English (and I still learn something new every day.) My mom bought me books with music cassettes, I think they were named “Sing along English”, when I was in 3rd class. They were great and I could count in English before I knew the multiplication tables 😀

        Spanish is a language I’d love to learn. I understand some words or basic sentences because I once had French in High School. “Una cerveza por favor”. lol

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