Now it’s time for the grand finale. The actual Rawther Fancy Eloise Tea at the Plaza. Everything was perfect for kids and very fancy. They had these cute miniature tables set up in the tea room!The room had these adorable plates on display but they were smart and served everything on plastic ware because we know the kids would have broken these fab plates and cups!Princess A refused to sit still in the tiny chairs so they got her a high chair. Of course, she messed up the nice place setting with her feet.When they started to serve the food Princess A got very excited! To drink we had the option of water, pink lemonade, or tea. Princess A and I had pink lemonade.Here’s Princess A giving the stink eye because she wants her treats NOW!Seriously! Why is this taking so long!

It actually didn’t take that long Princess A just has no patience. The pink lemonade came in these cute plastic cups that we got to take home!The food came on a glam three-tiered dish. Princess A refused to smile for the picture because she wanted her cupcake NOW!She ate the fruit so fast I couldn’t get a good picture!Cookie, it has been nice knowing you but I will have to eat you now.Princess A enjoyed her cookie but then she was ready for MORE!She enjoyed the rainbow cake.But the miniature cannoli was her favorite.Yum Yum!She had the pink cupcake last. The cupcake was my favorite.After she had devoured everything Princess A was pretty messy. Luckily, they had wipes to clean the kids off with!Next it was story time. They read an Eloise book of course. Princess A didn’t pay much attention to the story because she was too busy cruising on the round pink couches. I loved the story though.

At the end all the kids got gift bags with an etiquette book, gift card, pencil, pad of paper, and some other goodies. I will take pictures of that soon!

The tea costs $50 a person and was well worth it considering everything we got out of it. They also have etiquette classes and other events at the Eloise store. I will have to wait 4 years though because you have to be 5 to take the manners class which is totally understandable. Princess A would probably make the manners teacher want to pull her hair out because she would just be running and babbling all over the place.

For more info on the tea, the Eloise store, or other Eloise events please click HERE. If you are a fan of Eloise or have a little girl I highly suggest the Eloise Tea!

Stay Glamorous,




  1. So cute! I love the pic of Princess A with the cannoli and her finger in her mouth. She looks like she’s absolutely savoring it. Makes me wish I had a little girl to do this stuff with. I may have to borrow my nieces for a weekend and look into that link. Looks like so much fun!

  2. Now I want to go there, at least once…..even if I’m a adult now! I just luuuuvvv tea (i’m addicted to tea actually)!

  3. That looks like so much fun!!

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  5. That looks like so much fun! Such a great mother/daughter thing to do. I love how she was staring at the tray of food!

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