Today is Eloise day. If you don’t know her, Eloise is a mischievous girl who lives in the Plaza with her nanny, turtle, and dog. It is one of my favorite books! Princess A isn’t into the books yet because they are a little long for her attention span but hopefully she will like them one day soon!

A couple of weeks back we went to the Plaza for the Eloise Rawther Fancy Tea. It was so amazing it took me weeks to edit the pictures and today all my posts will be about the Eloise Tea. Above are Princess A’s little feet in the cab on the way to the Plaza.

Princess A was excited but she unaware of the fabulousness she was about to experience!Princess A and I kind of wore matching outfits. I had black and white stripe tights and a red shirt and she had red tights and a black and white stripe shirt.Here is mommy. I am smirking because I have been to the Plaza before and I know how fab it will be!Here is a shot of Princess outfits entire outfit in the lobby of the Plaza… even the carpet is glam!Princess A wouldn’t look at me in the last picture because she was too busy staring at the chandelier. Here we are together getting ready for the Rawther Fancy Eloise Tea!!!! Stay tuned to see what happens next!

Princess A’s Outfit

Top- 77 kids

Tights- Carter’s

Shoes- Tom’s (Gift from Aunt Stacey)

My Outfit

Top- Jason Wu for Target

Skirt- Jason Wu for Target

Tights- Ricky’s

Shoes- Bass via

Hat- Gap

Sunglasses- Chanel

Stay Glamorous,




  1. Hope ya’ll had a good trip and fun at the Tea. My girls love their TOMS and Amelia’s are just cute. Both of ya’ll looked fab for the tea!

  2. :O how cool! Hope you’ve had lots of fun in there! Hihi… You two (and the outfits) are to cute and cool for my computer, it turns black every now and then (after reading this post XD)!
    I hope I’m able to visit NY or LA in a few years…

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