So, first off I have garnered some criticism for calling Princess A gangsta. People have said it is racist, not politically correct, and blah de blah blah blah. I am unable to listen to the rest of their explanation because usually they

1. Don’t have a sense of humor

2. Haven’t been around babies enough to know that all babies act like drunk gangsters who just got out of prison.

3. Usually aren’t moms because moms don’t have time to be politically correct. We are too busy making sure our little gangsters don’t electrocute themselves and when we have a little free time we don’t like to take things too seriously.

Also, I am not being racist at all because the gangster that Princess A reminds me of the most is Marlon Brando in The Godfather. Their are gangsters of all races! Princess A makes this face where she juts out her lower jaw that looks just like Don Corleone before he is about to make orders to off someone. Princess A usually makes this face before she is about to steal Freckles bone or push another child who is trying to steal her toy.

I show a lot of pictures of princess A smiling on this blog but I also wanted to share a picture of her with her “game face” on.

Stay Glamorous,



14 responses to “#MYBABYISGANGSTA

  1. Your baby is most definitely gansta!. I have no idea if it’s politically correct or not.

    Just like moms, i don’t have to be. coz i am Dutch. and no one in Holland is politically correct.

    Just keep on calling the Princess Gangsta! Coz she just is!

  2. Anyone who criticizes you for that obviously hasn’t spent much time with babies/toddlers. No gangsta in the world weilds as much power as a little girl who says “Dada” and blows spit bubbles. She has the power to bring every male in a 10 mile radius to his knees.

  3. haha, are you serious?!
    people are actually giving you grief for that? jeez!
    clearly they have issues … one of which will be Princess A’s wrath if they carry on! ;p
    you are awesome, she is awesome – end of!
    keep it real homeeeee …. xD

    • Yes, I’ve gotten some emails and such but I don’t really care I just wanted an excuse to post Princess A’s Italian mobster face. And anyway the people have emailed me don’t even have kids so what do they know?

  4. Doesn´t matter if it´s politically correct or not…. Princess A is “just Gangsta”!!

  5. I don’t have kids and I found it cute! Lot of kids or people have weird nicknames and people don’t talk about it or do anything. I call one of my cousin baby doughboy….So for the gangsta thing of not politically correct, etc….. ppppfffffftttt!

  6. I’m not sure I understand why people would take time out of their day to send emails or tweets or whatever to just be haters. These are probably the same people that are putting #stopbullying on everything, yet don’t realize they’re doing it themselves. And they probably have the time because they don’t have little people to chase after or rock or feed or protect or play with.

    My kids are punky princess’ and are pretty gangsta themselves. So rock on crazy girls!

  7. I love it Shannon & I agree…
    And don’t most know that Mario was the ‘Original Gangster’…
    You’re not calling her a thug…
    Keeping taking & sending those #gangsta pictures!

  8. Don’t pay attention to narrow minded people honey. I’m a Momma of 2 little girls, my 6 yr old is what I call a push over. She doesn’t fight for herself at all. However my 3 1/2 yr old is what I call a bad ass because she will fight at the drop of a hat. She was born with a feisty attitude.

  9. If anyone is giving you crap about it, they are just haters ( as my best friend would say) lol. Seriously though, babies really are like little gangsters. Don’t make them mad. It does not end/go well. My little one is usually pretty well behaved, but when she’s in fit mode, watch out! She can scream lol.

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