Princess A, The Husband, and I will be flying to LA in May because we want to she J and Sheila before the baby crazyness hits.

Lots of you have been asking me to where you can send gifts for J and Sheila’s baby. While I can’t give you their address, the baby’s name, or due date I can give them gifts when I go to LA in May. I am a frequent flyer so I can check 6 bags for free so it won’t cost me anything to bring the gifts to LA. If you send something huge I will ship it to them but I have some big sturdy suitcases so I think it will work for most items.

For privacy reasons, I won’t be able to guarantee a picture of J or Sheila with the gifts or cards but I will post them on my blog so you know I received everything.

So if you would like to send a card to baby boy Rathbone here is my address…

Attn: Shannon Sutherland

1636 Third Avenue

Penthouse #361

New York, NY 10128

Stay Glamorous,

Shannon Sutherland



  1. What a sweetheart you are for doing this.I wonder how many monkey themed gifts there will be?

  2. How cool! I was thinking of sending a nursing necklace but I didn’t want to ask you that. Since you’re offering though… 😉 I’ll try to get one made up before you head out here. I’d also like to recommend our local cupcakery for their chicken ‘n waffles cupcake, but we’re probably a little too out of your way.

    I did have a dream the other night that Jackson wanted to name the baby Lothario. But I promise I won’t put that on the nursing necklace.

  3. Jodie Boudreaux

    When are you going to leave for LA?

    • I don’t have an exact date yet because I am trying to make it to a family wedding, the SBL benefit, and LA in MAy. I will keep you posted!

      • Jodie Boudreaux

        I am going to SBL! I’m also attending the bowling benefit the night before. Hope to see you!

      • That is very nice of you. Have you been to SBL before? It would be nice yo meet you in person. Wear something glamorous! :0)

  4. Just out of curiosity did you go to Interlochen with the guys?

  5. That’s so sweet of you! The guys are lucky to have you as their friend! And Sheila too, with all that craziness!

  6. I thought to send a card with a little gift to J and Sheila for the baby but I didn’t dare ask you if you could transmit it. So thank you for that. It’s nice of you. 😉

  7. You are so sweet! I will definitely be getting a couple things for them and will send them your way! My mama brain is going into over drive lol.

  8. Here’s my nerd showing… I’m happy for your friends having a baby and for you basically getting to delivery a baby shower to them when you go to visit (and that your visit to friends is only a 6 hour trip compared to our day long journeys). But I’m most excited that you get 6 bags for free!!! You are so lucky! When we move to Turkey we each get 3 bags so 4 people equals 12 bags, 2 car seats and a stroller, plus carry-ons and I’m not sure we could haul around more, but the idea of having more bags makes me lustful… since we have to live out of those 12 bags for a month or more before we’ll be reunited with our stuff.

    • That sucks!!!! I used to fly a lot for my job so I am still a frequent flyer and get all the perks. I haven’t flown much since the baby so I won’t be a frequent flyer next year… so i am taking advantage of it now!

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