I hate chicken bones. But you know what I hate even more than chicken bones?!?!?!?! The people who leave their old chicken bones on the streets of New York!!!!!!

Last night, I was walking Freckles and he jumped forward and grabbed something in his mouth. I looked down and it was a chicken bone. This chicken bone was literally 3 feet from a trash can. I hate lazy sloppy people.

Anyway, if a dog eats a chicken bone they can die from the splinters. So I grabbed that chicken bone out of his mouth as fast as I could and I got a cut on my hand because if you try to take a chicken bone away from a dog they will literally bite the hand that feeds them. It hurt but at least I got that chicken bone out of his mouth!

This is not the first time this has occured. Freckles finds a chicken bone and succsesfully gets it in his mouth once a week. I see chicken bones on the street almost every day! Not only is this disgusting but it is heartless to the dogs of New York City. I got Freckles when he was a small puppy and I have done my best to raise and train him but I don’t think any amount of training can make him not want a bone.

So please New Yorkers… for the sake of cute dogs like Freckles everywhere… throw your chicken bones away in a trash can!

Stay Glamorous,



8 responses to “I HATE CHICKEN BONES

  1. That’s not just a New York thing, I promise you. I’m digging chicken bones out of my dog’s mouth once a week too. My dog, Lucy, is wise to my hand near her mouth now and tries to swallow what she gets fast. Sometimes I wonder if it’s better to fight her for it, and maybe have her swallow pieces that are too big, or let her chew it into small enough pieces to swallow. It’s really a lose-lose, isn’t it?

    You’re right, though, no amount of training will have a dog turn away from a chicken bone. And it isn’t Lucy or Freckles’ fault, it’s the fault of the stupid people who can’t be bothered to throw away their trash.

    I’ve been following your blog for a little while and I have to say, before I quit rambling, that Freckles is a such a handsome dog!

    • Thank you for complementing Freckles. He needs the extra attention since Amelia gets so much! That’s sad it happens elsewhere! Even before I had a dog I hated it. New York is such a gorgeous city that when I see chicken bones just lying around the street it used to bum me out. Now that I have a dog it just plain annoys me!

  2. That pic of Freckles is so darn cute. I’m glad you got that bone out before he could do any damage. Some people should really consider what happens when they are that lazy when you really just have to bend down to pick it up.

  3. This happens here, but the particular area here is wild birds being killed by feral cats then in the morning dogs come across them if taken off leash. Usually only the big dogs choke on them as thank god small dog owners never take puppy without lead.

  4. Ahww Freckles is cuteeee!
    I don’t live in a city, Jasper doesn’t grap any trash (or chicken bones), but sometimes he takes grass, pieces of wood, or other things into the house (even rocks and mud)… bad doggy!

  5. Some people are just inconsiderate. 😦

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