Princess A is the happiest when she is in Freckles’ dog bed or cage. She actually knows dog commands like fetch, stay, up and go to bed. When I am desperate for her to stay still and not get into things I point to the dog bed and say, “Go to Bed.” When she is in the dog bed I say, “Stay” and she stays there. I know this is totally wacky which is why I only do it when I have no other options and I need to cook dinner without her setting the apartment on fire.

Freckles is a messy eater. I try my best to clean up after him after he eats but somehow Princess A always finds pieces of his kibble and eats it. It is so gross!!!!! I talked to the pediatrician and she said while she wouldn’t recommend or encourage it the dog food we feed Freckles is fine for Princess A to eat. I am glad it isn’t going to make Princess A sick because she eats it all the time despite my best efforts to keep a clean house!

So what did your kids eat as toddlers that grossed you out?

Stay Glamorous,




  1. My nephew used to do the same thing. I think it’s just something little kids do no matter how hard you try to keep them from doing it, lol. And I wish my nephew (a different one) would’ve listened that well when I was babysitting him. It would’ve saved a lot of things from being broken/flushed down the toilet, lol.

  2. My sister ate dog food a lot when she was around 2, maybe earlier. She wouldn’t even go on expeditions to find it, she would go straight to the dish or storage container. She survived.

    And as the person above kind of said, it’s one of those things that the more you try to keep them from doing it, the more they will.

    I’m waiting for you to post something about the things she puts up her nose or in her ear. I remember an old episode of the sitcom, “Yes Dear” and a couple other tv shows and used to laugh and think it was ridiculous. Then my niece came along…

  3. I can’t stand to watch my kids eat boogers. Its just so wrong. Or to let the dog french them??? I yak, seriously I do.

  4. I think most kids try dog or cat food at least once. I personally can remember the taste. My daughter prefers to get REALLY gross. Like, crazy disgusting kind of gross. Once while I was cooking dinner, I realized she was being very quiet. I started calling for her and searching the house, when she comes wandering out of the bathroom….holding the toilet plunger…and chewing on it. I was almost in shock with how grossed out I was. I immediately grabbed her and started washing out her mouth and brushing her teeth. : / Toddlers are just sickos.

    • LOL… Amelia hasn’t done that yet but I always keep the bathroom door closed because she wants to put her hands in the toilet and play with the toilet cleaning brush!

      • Oh, yeah. The toilet brush is a big one. Soon she’ll also try to bathe all her toys and wash her own clothes in the toilet. Rayne once dipped the oven mitt in the toilet, and before I found out about it, she managed to wipe it on everyone’s face!

  5. When my oldest was a baby, he always ate and drank after my schnauzer… I had no way to gate it off & he was fast…
    A few times he even got his rawhide toys, which I know can make them sick, so I took them away from my dog too and he just got milk bones instead…
    I’m dreading when Ian starts to crawl, he’ll eat everything… 😛
    As for the dog commands, if it works, hey, you gotta eat… I wish I could find something to occupy Ian, so I can atleast have a dining room table again….

  6. My kids ate dog food. Katie used to hand feed Kalie, one piece for Kalie, one for herself. It was gross. Sadly I would still catch David munching on dog food a few months ago, he is 8 yrs old! He would grab a few pieces and snack. I told him it was disgusting and to stop. He claimed it was good. I think Kalie was willing to switch plates with him, but too bad for her, she was allergic to everything but her own food.

  7. Lol the toilet obsession. It fascinates all little ones. Conner used to love to combine toilet paper (roll and all) with loo and loved to watch it overflow. He called it ‘waterfall’ and I called the ‘plumber’. After a while he thought the plumber had some really cool magic powers to stop me from cussing lol.

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