SuperGlamFan Jodie sent me these pictures of her Princess Lydia for my Princess A’s birthday. I am late on posting this because I am not a computer wiz and had some problems converting the files. Oh well, better late than never!Here she is getting a glamorous pedicure!I am jealous of Lydia right now! I wish I was getting my nails done!Her toes look so cute!!!! I can’t wait until Princess A gets her first pedicure!Here is Lydia again with some glam sneakers. Again, I am jealous and want a pair!Here is a shot of her entire outfit!!! So adorable. Stay Glam Lydia and thank you Jodie for sending me these pictures!

Stay Glamorous,


images via SuperGlamFan Jodie


5 responses to “PRINCESS LYDIA

  1. Ahww another cute Princess! Cool!

  2. Yeah, i’d rock that outfit if they made it in my size!

  3. Jodie Boudreaux

    That’s my God Daughter!!!

    She is such a diva! Her mom says she gets that from me. 🙂

    And yes, I would totally rock that outfit too!!

    Her kicks are so darn cute! They light up when she walks! Why can’t they come in adult sizes!! I think we need to write to the Sketchers company and demand Twinkle Toes in bigger sizes!!

  4. Totally cool and glam! What a little doll. Btw, I want a pair of those sneakers too 🙂

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