Today I was playing with Princess A and I noticed that her back gums are black and blue. At first I though maybe she had sucked on a pen or eaten blue paper but then I realized that her gums were actually bruised. I freaked out and called the doctor right away. She said it is a completely normal part of teething and sometimes the gums get bruised when the new teeth are breaking through so i should stop worrying.

I know this should make me feel better but it doesn’t. Just looking at Princess A’s black and blue gums makes me have sympathy teething pains!

When I googled it not much came up so I started to freak out again. I know I need to listen to Princess A’s pediatrician! It would make me feel better if I knew Princess A isn’t the only baby who has gotten bruised gums during teething… so let me know if you experienced this with your kids and what you did to make them feel better!

Stay Glamorous,



16 responses to “BLUE GUMS

  1. I asked my mum, she said it’s perfectly normal, me, my sister and brother had it too.
    Not that WE are normal, but that’s besides the point. 😉

  2. It’s totally normal sweetie. Trust me. 3 kids, all had bruises. I just accepted it as a part of teething. It’s okay. You worry because you love. It’s a part of being a mommy. Smooches, hugs to all y’all.

  3. Hyland’s teething tablets are a godsend. And it always amazes me that even on bruised and swollen gums, teething rings still made them feel better. That just sounds so painful to me! I hope her teeth break through soon and give her poor gums a break. She’s smiling awfully big and making the best of it though!

  4. Josh will be two next week and he is teething right now and his gums are bruised. I was shocked when I saw it too.(((Hugs))) to you and Princess A today.

  5. I didn’t have that problem w/ my oldest…
    I always brushed his gums, so I think that helped…
    As for Ian, he’s just getting his bottom teeth, no brushing yet…

  6. I don’t know if you allow the little lady such things yet, but ice-pops helped my girls with their bruised gums – it reduces the swelling a little & is a nice little treat for them too =)
    Hope she feels better soon!

  7. Omg I’ve never seen anything like that and my daughter only has slight fever when she was teething! I hope she’s feeling ok and it’s not bothering her too much! Maybe she is chewing on stuff a lot and it caused the bruises? I always used the soft teethers or a washcloth that I wet and put in the freezer. Cleans the gums and helps with pain too.

  8. Yeap my youngest was the only one who got bruised gums so I freaked too honey. I thought with two kids already I’d seen it all, but no lol. And I was frustrated too trying to find something about it.

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