The stork will be bringing a very special someone this year! And not to me… I am not ready to be a mom again… yet! The stork will be stopping by my friend’s house and I want to prep Princess A because she is not very gentle right now. When I was pregnant our dog trainer had me carry around a doll so Freckles would get used to me paying attention to something other than him. I decided to try this with Princess A and also use the doll to teach her that babies need to be handled with special care. Princess A did very well with her 1st training session! Then it was time for her nap. I got her ready and when it was time to sing her a lullaby Freckles was not in his usual spot. I went looking for him and this is what I found. Freckles had taken the doll to his bed and somehow taken the doll’s clothes off… weird! I put Princess A down for nap and then went to figure out what was up with Freckles and I found this…Freckles sleeping with the doll! I inspected the doll’s clothes and Freckles had bitten through the clothes in order to take the outfit off. I don’t know if Freckles was jealous of the doll, jealous of Princess A for getting a new toy or what. Luckily Freckles can’t fly in a plane so he will never be around the stork’s delivery!

I guess it’s not a major deal that Freckles ruined the doll’s clothes. It gives Princess A and I a chance to brush up on our swaddling skills!

Stay Glamorous,



6 responses to “PREPPING FOR THE STORK

  1. That is cute! I had my son, David, when Katie was 19 months old. I worried about her reaction to him coming along. Katie didn’t like dolls. She had no real interest in them, so it was hard to prepare her. Then David was born, and my Mom brought Katie to the hospital. We put David on Katie’s knee and she claimed him as her own from that moment. We still joke that David got two Mom’s. I couldn’t leave the room for a second without taking one of them with me because she would try to “mother” him and pick him up. When David was old enough to be put in time-out he would only go if Katie told him to go. If she said he didn’t have to, I would have to fight to get him to go, if she told him to go, he went willingly. I think the most common phrase in our house was “remember WHO is the MOM here?”
    I am sure Princess A will do fine with the baby. I taught Katie “soft touch” and “gentle” by showing her. I would gently touch her hand and say “soft touch” Whenever I was feeding David or changing him I tried to include Katie. I would have her sit with me and I would read to her, or I would have her be my “helper”. She would hand me diapers and wipes etc…I really emphasised that she was a big girl and the helper. She relished that role (still does).

  2. That is a great idea to get her ready to share in the attention on the new baby. My daughter was a little older than A when my youngest was born and we let her help and than took her on a special trip with just mommy and daddy to see The Wiggles when they came to Dallas forever ago. I know everyone involved is excited for the new baby and hope that Princess can be alright sharing the spotlight with all the friends in her life.

  3. Gentle comes with age. Just remind her and let her see babies as much as she can. Lily is 19 months to the day older than Maddy and while she’s an AMAZING big sister, she still has her rough moments where we take out heads or it seems like she’s going to twist off an arm.

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