I can’t believe The Husband and I have almost been married for 3 years!!!!!! One of our stops on our honeymoon was Venice. It was very romantic. We mostly just walked around the city but we also had some amazing ice cream and took a gondola ride! My favorite part though was when we were walking back to our cruise ship we walked by a wedding. We cheered for the bride and groom. It was so fun to see an Italian wedding! When we got back to the ship we had an elephant towel waiting for us on our bed. I Love towel animals!!!!!!!!!

Stay Glamorous,



6 responses to “HONEYMOON IN VENICE

  1. Looks like you´ve had so much fun!
    Sunny pics =)

  2. You are magnificent on these pictures. I hope that you have profited well.

    Beautiful pics.

  3. I love your honeymoon pictures.

  4. We had an awesome honeymoon!

  5. You guys make such a cute couple. I’m totally jealous of your honeymoon… but you’re giving me ideas of what to do while we live in Turkey for 3 years.

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