After a hard day like yesterday I am very happy when Princess A falls asleep. She is very fun when she is awake but my favorite thing about being a mom is sneaking into her room when she is sleeping. Princess A just looks so calm. It’s also fun to look at her when she is not moving in the crib because you can really tell how big she is getting. She has had this crib since she was 2 months old and when we first got it it seemed massive to me. Now I wonder how this will convert into a toddler bed and last us until she is 5. The company says you can use it that long but if Princess A keeps growing at this rate I don’t know she will fit.

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13 responses to “SLEEPING PRINCESS

  1. She looks very long. Is she tall? It is hard to tell from pictures. I had Katie out of her crib when she was 14 months old. Partially because she climbed out of it, and partially because her little brother was on his way and needed the crib. She looked so big in the crib, but when we moved her to her single bed she looked so tiny again. She still has that bed, but I still remember her first night in it. I felt like I was losing my baby.
    Is Princess A feeling better today?

  2. Yeah, how is Princess A doing after her rash? I kind of want her pajamas in grown-up size… ha 🙂

  3. Thanks for this picture.
    A baby which sleeps is so cute.
    Her Pyjamas are beautiful.

  4. I love sleeping babies … toddlers. 🙂 Sleeping children in general. My oldest is almost 12 and I still sneak in to watch him sleep once in awhile. Amelia is beautiful !

  5. I love her Jammie’s as well and as a mom sometimes the best thing after a long day is tiptoeing into their room and watching them sleep.

  6. Awww that’s precious! Yes! Look how LONG she is getting! I had the same problem. My daughter outgrew the length of her toddler bed and it wasn’t wide enough to move around in so we got her a huge bed. I love how she’s all stretched out one moment and the next she is sideways in there. Cute jammies too!

  7. Awww… she’s such a sweetie pie!

  8. Lillians mattress is about 140cm (55 inch) long and that should be enough until she’s five. Princess A’s crib looks short with the tall toddler girl in it. How long is the crib?
    So sweet how she sleeps in many different positions. Lillian mostly lies on her right or left side and doesn’t switch her position that often – that’d be a little inconvenient because we already converted her crib into a toddler bed.

  9. I absolutely adore sleeping kids. Every night I sneak in and watch my 2 girls. Luckily kids grow really fast the first year and then it sort of slows down. Lily is almost 2, takes up quite a bit of her bed, but still should fit a few more years if necessary.

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