This is a picture from the first time I ever took a picture of Princess A grocery shopping. At first she was a little timid and serious.Then she got more used to the cart and started to rock back and forth which she loved!Later she learned that she could take things off the shelves and put them into the cart. Of course she went for the candy!

When we were checking out I was busy trying to find my wallet in my baby carrier. When I finally found it I looked up and realized that they were ringing up and bagging tons of pink Hello Kitty jellybeans. I looked behind me and there was Princess A throwing jellybeans into the cart. I told the check out girl that there was a mistake and I didn’t want the jellybeans. She rolled her eyes and we ended up having a 5 minute discussion/fight about whether or not I was going to pay for the jellybeans. Seriously?!?!?!?! Can’t you see the toddler throwing jellybeans into the cart?

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14 responses to “JELLYBEANS

  1. I HATE how close the candy is when you have to maneuver a large cart though a small checkout lane! My son is usually pretty good about keeping his sisters hands in the cart while i’m paying tho. 🙂

  2. Here in Germany they have one checkout without sweets at most of the large grocery stores or supermarkets. I really appreciate that. ^^
    Of course I use the other checkouts, too and tell Lillian – NO! but the other way it’s so easy. 😀
    How stupid must the check out -girl be… I bet she saw that Princess A threw the sweets into the cart and was too lazy to ask if you would like to buy them or just put them back where they came from… that’s called service.

  3. If she was going to fight me I’d have just told her, either take them off or I’m leaving. I’ve walked out of a store leaving a ton of groceries on the belt because when I called and asked ahead of time if they would take my starter checks, I was told yes. Got there, they said no. I said you either take my check or have fun putting all these back. They were stunned when I actually walked out. I only had starter checks and my debit card hadn’t showed up yet. Their loss, I had over $100 worth of groceries.

  4. Someone have a REALLY REALLY REALLY sweet tooth! 🙂 And come on, who buy tons of jellybeans like that ? Okay, maybe us girls when our guy (THE guy) just dump us… ice cream is way better in that case! Lol! The check out girl should have use a little of her intelligence (I don’t want to be mean here) but if a toddler is throwing stuff (mostly for fun) in the cart and that you can see him/her, do seriously think the parent want to buy it ?

  5. LOL! I remember when Katie was around 2 and we went shopping. She was in the back of the double stroller. We were at the mall. We got to the car and were unloading the bags from the bottom of the stroller. We found a book with inspirational/biblical quotes in there. My husband and I hadn’t picked it up. I flipped the book open and it opened to a page about repenting for your sins, yeah in a book my daughter just stole LOL! I had my husband take her back to the store and return the book. The sales people laughed and were surprised that we actually returned the book. After that I was extra careful about where I placed the stroller and cart.
    The cashier should never have given you a hard time! Next time though…tell Princess A to go for the chocolate. It is better than Jellybeans LOL!

  6. That’s something you complain to the manager about. I would have walked out if she hadn’t just taken them off. Even if you have to page a manager for a void (like where I work), it’s not that difficult to press a couple buttons. Apparently if you have young children, you can’t change your mind about something even if you don’t want it. I’ve gone shopping at Wal-Mart before. I took a case of water and a package of TP out of the cart to make it easier for the girl to ring them up (I work retail, I know it can be a pain in the butt to reach over the counter to scan something). She gets an attitude and says “You didn’t have to take those out” so I put them back in the cart. I didn’t help her when she couldn’t reach either. But that would have been teaching the Princess bad manners. And Princesses shouldn’t have bad manners.

  7. I would have gotten ticked at the cashier too. I mean really, did she think you would actually be ok with your toddler getting a bunch of jelly beans? Most cashiers would either alert the parent of her antics or just laughed and put them off to the side. I do hate how the candy is right there though. It’s like they’re asking for toddler/child meltdowns.

  8. I’m just going to consider myself lucky that my 2 year old doesn’t like sweets/candy/ice cream/cake. No check-out line drama for us. She doesn’t even take things off the shelves as we walk around unless I tell her to. But I bet if there was a bag of BBQ chips next to the check-out she’d be on them.

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