This is Cookie. He is a Beanie Boo. Beanie Boos are basically beanie babies with huge eyes. Princess A got one from Freckles for Valentine’s Day and she loved it instantly. We thought it was because Cookie looks a little bit like Freckles.

One day I was in mommy and me class and something was up because all the babies were crying. Then basically all the moms pulled out a beanie boo and gave them to their babies and they stopped crying. It was amazing! We all laughed about how the same thing made our kids happy and decided maybe it was the big eyes that made them so appealing.

Today Princess A and I are taking the day off from blogging. Usually we take Saturday and Sunday off but this week we will blog on Saturday and take today off. The reason being… Princess A has the diaper rash from Hell! She woke up in a horrible mood and didn’t give me a smile or kiss when I got her out of her crib. When I took off her diaper I knew why. Her butt was as red as hell.

I have been very lucky with Princess A. This is her first diaper rash and she is over a year old. I called the doctor and we have an appointment for later today. The doctor recommended some over the counter creams for the time being so I took Princess A to the drug store. She was crying hysterically. But when we went to check out there was a bunch of Beanie Boos. On any other day I would be annoyed with this but today I was relieved. I grabbed a penguin Beanie Boo and she instantly stopped crying. I guess our theory on her liking them becaiue Cookie was because he looks like Freckles is wrong because she hugged that penguin and started smiling! I bought the penguin because Princess A deserves something that makes her smile when she is feeling so rotten.

So while I am taking care of Princess A and she is recovering and cuddling with her Beanie Boos… any mom advice on horrible diaper rashes?

Stay Glamorous,




35 responses to “THE DIAPER RASH FROM HELL

  1. Does she get a lot of soy in her diet? For little girls it can create a hormone imbalance and cause really bad, red rash that has sores. I know because Sadie had it until we changed her formula. Good luck and be prepared to shell out some cash. The special cream is crazy expensive.

  2. Aww, poor little Princess 😦 You can check with her doctor, but I think it is safe to use potassium permanganate to wash her bottom. 1 teeny tiny crystal is diluted in 2 litres of water and then poured over the rash. Pat dry gently and she’s good to go. I think you can do it daily until the rash goes away, but still, check with the doctor.

  3. It could be a soy issue. Girls can end up with really painful rashes because of it. We had an issue when Sadie did soy formula. A change in that and it went away. You will use an expensive cream for a while, but it will go away.

  4. Best treatment I found (granted my kids have been out of diapers for eons) is leaving the diaper off. Letting air get to that rear. Barring that Budreaux’s Butt Paste and frequent changes.

  5. The Boudreauxs Butt Paste is fantastic!! It coats everything so good and helps with the pain. One time Mikayla’s was so bad the doctor told me to put Lotrimin on it. That was like magic. Hope it gets Better soon. Definitely not fun for Princess A or mommy.

  6. Bordeaux’s butt paste and naked time. Naked time is essential for a rash. Let that little toosh air out!

  7. Poor Princess A. Feel better… and love lots on your beanie boo. All of my pediatric friends (doctors, nurses, etc) swear by calmoseptine. It’s not advertised as a diaper rash cream, but is over the counter and works wonders… they all say don’t bother with anything else… and I agree. Cleared Lily right up.

  8. Get well soon Princess A . This horrible diaper rashe will disappear with lots of cream.
    Essential to the cure: lots of love.

  9. Diaper rashes are sadly something I became an expert in with my son. He got them so bad he blistered and bled. He had to be cloth diapered (something I was doing anyway), since he was allergic to disposables. We were at the dr weekly looking for new creams. I finally took him to a naturopath. She told me to make a wipe solution out of Tea tree oil, and grapefruit seed extract. His rash began clearing up immediately. It was gone within a day or two. His was a pretty severe rash. I continued to only use that solution (with the baby wash cloths) until he was potty trained. My dr had basically given up. There was nothing else she could give us to help treat him and told me that the only thing that would fix it would be potty training him, he was 8 months old, that wasn’t happening anytime soon.
    I will say one of the first things she had us use was Canesten cream (for yeast infections). Many diaper rashes can be yeast. This helped with his more mild rashes. It was when it got more severe it didn’t work. Also let the air at it as much as possible. That is hard especially when she is moving around all the time. Going diaper free is one of the better ways to help though.
    I hope Princess A feels better soon. Diaper rashes are horrible. I remember David screaming and arching his back everytime I had to change him.

    • Karen, yes… naked time would be dirty but honestly I am used to the mess and don’t mind if it makes her feel better! She actually only poops right after meals now so I would only have to deal with pee 🙂

  10. I agree with neked time! It might be a little messy if she has to “go” but it will let her bottom dry out a little bit. I’ve always used the purple desitin for my kids and it worked great. Hope she feels better soon!

  11. Domeboro Solution is the BEST! My daughter and my son both had great luck with this stuff clearing them right up! Good luck!!

  12. Because she is over a year it is probably a yeast infection. Monostat cream same thing as for women. Get the tube and spread it on her bottom just like any other ointment. Old fashion remedies are burnt flour or corn starch. I used burnt flour on my kids.

  13. Hopefully the doctor will do a prescription in case it’s yeast. However, even for those the best one I found was Dr Sheffield’s, which funny enough I got at the dollar store. It cleared up nearly every rash within a few hours. It got to the point where every time I went to the dollar store I grabbed a few tubes “just in case,” so now I have a whole drawer full. I’d be happy to send some, it won’t be there in time to help with this one but it’s great to have on hand. 🙂

    The open air thing never worked for us, they just got upset that their butt was cold, and ended up scratching or pulling at the rash. Thick coating of cream and a loose diaper was how I had to do it.

  14. Take a camomile tea-soaked cotton pad and dab her butt with it.

  15. With my son, I used the burnt flour stuff cause we didn’t have the money to get lots of meds. But it worked like a charm. It truly did.

  16. Both of my daughters get terrible diaper rash. I mean, bloody diaper rash, that makes me feel like the world’s worst mommy. It is AWFUL! And it happens so fast! The pediatrician says they have super sensitive skin, and he’s right, they also get heat rash easily. He (the doc) has us put Maalox on the rash, seal it with Vasoline, and then top with baby powder, that helps absorb the moistness. Change often, even if its only pee, and bathe them (the water helps). Works great!
    Also, don’t wipe with baby wipes, because it will burn her tooshy. Use wet paper towels instead…try to dab rather than wipe as much as possible.
    No worries. Some babies have sensitive skin, and once they start exploring more foods it can cause more diaper rashes. My oldest daughter loves mandarin oranges, but I have to monitor how many she eats, because it will give her the worst diaper rash EVER.
    Oh, and give that baby lots of kisses and hugs. But that’s a given. 🙂

    • Thanks Jenni! It happened so fast I felt like a bad mom too. I think I may have to monitor her blueberry intake because she eats so many off them and it seems to have upset her diaper rash more.

  17. P.S. Boudreaux Butt Paste does work for some of the milder rashes my daughters have. Definitely worth a try, and worth having on hand.

  18. Poor Princess A! Warren has had some bad diaper rashes, A&D lotion and also zinc oxide creams have always helped him. On top of running around naked, which being a little guy is not hard to get him to do LOL. Yes, every kid when they’re feeling rotten deserves a treat, Warren has one of the beanie boos too and adores it. Hope she feels better soon!

  19. shannon hey with diaper rash try some butt paste & perhaps also some vaseline to help with Princess A’s problem 🙂 I used the butt paste on a toddler’s behind before when I worked at this other day care it works 🙂

  20. I have a three year old and I have worked in childcare for several years. The thing that has always worked it to put neosporin on there and then coat it with a thick layer of diaper rash cream. My son had several food allergies so I got very used to them. Also, if you wear gloves, the salt from you skin does not touch it and make it hurt worse. I hope she gets better soon!

  21. Paw paw cream. Miracle cream for EVERYTHING.

  22. Pawpaw ointment. Miracle cream for EVERYTHING! shit you not. Stuffs AWESOME.

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