The Husband and I needed a date night so we took the train to my favorite part of New York… Soho!I brought the glam purse The Husband bought me for my birthday!I also wore the pink tights he bought me.And the Eiffel Tower earrings my mother in law bought me for my birthday.We got off at Spring Street. This stop has special meaning to me because it’s where I lived when I went to college and when I was single I got my first apartment in Soho.The Husband took this fun picture that made me look like I was an angel with a halo and wings!So my favorite restaurant you ask? It’s Balthazar. The first time I went here was when I was 17. Since then I have eaten there with basically every one of my friends and family members. I love it because it has amazing French food and it makes me feel like I am in Paris!The ceilings are gorgeous with fans and intricate designs!I love the mirrors that are all around Balthazar. It makes it look like a fabulous French funhouse!To start I had french onion soup and The Husband had escargot.While we waited for our main course I took a picture of myself in the fun mirrors!!!The Husband and I both ordered the same thing… steak frites.Doesn’t he look cute eating french fries?For dessert I had mango cheesecake and The Husband had profiteroles. They were both yummy!!!I always feel a restaurant isn’t truly fabulous unless it’s bathrooms are fabulous as well. Balthazar has stairs leading to their restroom with these pretty wall lamps.The waiting room outside the restrooms has this gorgeous ceiling! It reminds me of the ceiling at Chez Julien in Paris!I love how crowded Balthazar always is!Oh and I can’t forget the glam bar stools!Before long it was time to head home and release Grandpa L from his babysitting duties! I can’t wait to take Princess A to Balthazar when she is older!

Stay Glamorous,



7 responses to “PARIS IN NEW YORK

  1. Why don’t we have such spectacular restaurants in Germany? I love New York! I must say I’m a bit jealous. 😉
    One day I’ll come to New York … at least I hope so.

  2. I so love it. Glad you guys are remembering to have date nights. Very important as things go on. Trust me, been married 18 years. And he’s still living so we must be doing something right. LOL

  3. New Yooooork, it’s almost been a year since my very first visit. miss it so much.
    cant wait for september when the field trip from uni brings me back 🙂 ❤

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