Princess decided to stop drinking Formula when she was 10 months old. So I switched to milk which she was never into. I tried various types of milk and soy milk too. Princess A refused all of them. She loves yogurt and cheese but I wanted her diet to be more diverse. Luckily, SuperGlamFan Judi recommended almond milk. Princess A loves it!!! I love it because it has 45% calcium and no saturated fat while whole milk has only 30% of your daily calcium and tons of saturated fat. I find it odd that when I talked to my pediatrician about how my daughter refused milk and that I was concerned about her not getting enough calcium she never suggested almond milk. The doctor’s must be getting a cut of the all dairy product profits!

So now that I have Princess A getting more calcium I need some advice on iron. She doesn’t like red meat and rarely eats it. She does love tomatoes and spinach though which are high in iron. But again I want her diet to be diverse… so any suggestions on other healthy foods that are high in iron? And if you have any more suggestions on calcium let me know!

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18 responses to “ALMOND MILK TO THE RESCUE!

  1. In the UK they add iron and other vitamins to breakfast cereals so the child gets a great start to the day but I don’t know if its the same over the pond with you, maybe worth checking out? 🙂

  2. Between Lillian’s first birthday and 1 1/2 she didn’t want her baby-milk anymore and didn’t like the taste of milk so I gave her all kinds of cereal-pap mixed with milk and she liked it. Since half a year she rarely eats pap but likes milk. I didn’t even know there’s something like almond-milk but maybe it’s not that popular here… maybe I would have tried it, too.

    It’s the same here with meat. She refused to eat it but liked (I don’t know if it has a special name in english) Leberwurst on bread. So I let her eat bread with wurst and all kinds of veggies (tomatoes, spinach,…) and since a few month she loves meat: chicken, sausages, cow. I bet it’ll be like that with Princess A too. Sounds like it. 😉

    • That does sound like Princess A. Almond milk is the new trend food here but I have to say it is awesome. More calcium than milk with iron, no saturated fat, and no milk hormones. If it is ever in a store near you try it!

      • I’m going to do grocery shopping tomorrow and I know where I can get soy milk, maybe they have almond milk, too. 😉

  3. I buy my daughter Nido, which is in the hispanic section, and it comes in a powder. She loves it. Also, if it’s not too high in iron, pediasure has a perfect amount. At target they have their own brand that is in a box with a straw and she doesn’t know the difference. I get her the chocolate because she thinks she is getting a treat. There is also the liquid vitamins by enfamil that I give my daughter, because the doctor thought she was anemic. I suffer from it too, so I drink boost. The vitamins though, they can be hidden in any drink, although it takes a little off. I give mine a squirt and a ‘chaser’ and it’s over with for the day. From what I’ve heard about almond milk, is that it is sweeter, and that’s why kids like it. Also the lack of hormones from regular milk and soy. My daughter had an allergy to soy and milk used to bother her, so I gave her almond and rice milk. Hope my ramble helps. I’ve tried almost everything out there!

  4. check w/your pediatrician first since i’m not a mom to a baby out-of-womb yet…. however, if she likes yogurt – maybe try the soy yogurt – i know you said she doesn’t like soy milk (i’m a vegetarian and won’t touch the stuff either!) but the soy yogurt has a decent amount of protein/iron and tastes good. maybe iron fortified cereal served w/her almond milk in it? maybe try some vegetarian meat alternatives?

  5. I personally love Almond Milk. I switched to it as part of a weight loss program and loved it. On the eating meats, my son is almost three and he has just started eating meats. What he did eat was beans. We live in the south so we have beans and corn bread, or other meals that incorporate different types of beans. His iron levels were always really high when he would go for a check up. Every if you have to sweeten baked beans with a little brown sugar, she will still be getting the protein that she needs.

  6. Shannon –

    I’ve struggled with my iron levels for years and what I’ve found helps/were suggested for me (granted I’m an adult) were :
    *peanutbutter (if she’s ready for it &doesnt have an allergy )
    * eggs (yolks)
    * broccoli
    * dried apricots
    * raisins
    * tofu (can be used in many ways to make it a treat but healthy, somewhere I think I saw like a pudding/mousse recipe even)

    This is beyond what you are already using/doing


  7. From memory, avocado is high in iron too. They recommend avocado in Australia as a source of iron for babies so maybe give that a try if you can get your hands on any over there.

    • She loves avocados but they are deadly to dogs so we can only give it to her when our dog is gone because it’s impossible to get her not to feed him!

      • ooh thanks for that bit of advice. We’ve only ever fed Emerson avocado with a spoon straight into his mouth. Now that he’s 1, don’t think that we’d be giving him any to self feed as he loves to share everything he eats with our poodle Winston!

      • Yes, same here! Sometimes we put the dog in another room if she has been refusing other iron sources. But she loves to share with Freckles and she is messy so we have to clean up very well!

  8. Yay!!! I am so glad that she loves it. My son can’t get enough of the chocolate flavored. As for iron I wish I could help there Orion LOVES steak. (I think its the Texan in him, I sure hope Ayden is the same when it comes to steak.) So i decided to google and came across this maybe it will help a little
    Good luck with the iron quest.

    Stay awesome

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