I have been loving the amazing weather in New York so much that I have been forgetting to wear sunscreen. Also, I have been slacking on my blog during the day and staying up late to finish. This has resulted in me looking a little haggard. Oh well, bright colors make me feel better no matter what so I wore this ensemble to make me smile!

Shoes- Converse

Pants- Gap

Shirt- Gift from Grandma L


8 responses to “SHANNON IN THE SKY

  1. You look stunning!
    And I bet the Beatles would love your outfit as well. 😉

  2. Nadine’s right! I love the outfit and I’d really like to wear it, too. Thx for the inspiration 😉

  3. Can you find out where she got that shirt? I want one! I’m a total Beatles fan and wear stuff with them on it a lot!

  4. Great outfit sweetie, looking glam as always!!!

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