My blog lives in the past because it takes me forever to upload and edit everything. So Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!! This is what Princess A wore on St. Patty’s Day because she is a quarter Irish.She rediscovered her toes on St. Patty’s Day and stared at them so much I thought she was drunk.Here she is getting annoyed that everyone wants to kiss her. But who can help from wanting to kiss a cute ginger Irish baby? Especially on St. Patty’s Day!I know Princess A it is ridiculous how popular you are!OK, we get it you are annoyed with being kissed so much!It’s hard being a ginger baby… I mean toddler… on St. Patrick’s Day.When I was done with my kissing session Princess A practiced her walking with Grandma M.While they were walking I put on my St. Patty’s Day shirt!Here’s a close-up. And yes, I wish I was drunk on St. Patrick’s day but by the time Princess A was in bed I was too tired to drink. Also, I had to unexpectedly take Freckles to the animal hospital… on St. Patrick’s Day… in New York…. and my vet is a block from the parade! Freckles you have horrible timing. So I spent most of my St. Patrick’s day cleaning up dog poop and puke. I will post about the whole ordeal later but Freckles is lucky he is so cute! No matter how inconvenient his stomach issues are I still love him!

Princess A’s Shirt- Carter’s

My Shirt- Urban Outfitters

Stay Glamorous,




  1. She is adorable! I hope Freckles is okay. I went through all that with my dog over the years. I remember when Kalie got bit by a common “harmless” house spider on Boxing Day. She started swelling up and broke out in hives. We had to rush her to the emergency vet at 9 pm. The things we don’t do for our fur babies!

  2. We do not celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, this is not really known in France. It’s like halloween. Few children asking for candy. It’s sad. Freckles is very lucky to have a lovely family, some dogs don’t have this chance. i’m a dog named Tara and i loves her very much .

  3. So sweet! Green let’s her ginger hair shine brighter.

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