Spring has sprung and I finally got a much needed mani/pedi. I chose red because it is flashy.And matched my shirt!Again, I couldn’t get someone to take a picture of me so I did it myself.Then I lounged in the sun and relaxed! I love my mommy time but I also can’t wait until Princess A is old enough to get her nails done with me… and can take pictures of my outfits!

Jeans- Gap

Shirt- Jason Wu for Target

Purse- Jason Wu for Target

Bracelet- $5 Forever 21

Shoes- Sperry

Sunglasses- Chanel

Stay Glamorous,



9 responses to “RED NAILS FOR SPRING

  1. Finally it’s spring … I hope you had a nice day and you enjoyed the first rays of sunlight. 🙂

  2. OMG, I got a pedi the other day after work and did red also because it’s glam and goes with everything for spring time! Great minds think alike…

  3. Bwhahahahhahaha. Awwwww I loved Mommy time, oh wait. I never got that, but I love getting mani/pedi’s. I don’t get it done often enough and they always give me dirty looks. I am like, dudes, just be glad its only been a year. LOL You look gorgeous as always.

  4. if you want to paint Princess A’s piggys, look into piggy paints, they are a non-toxic water based nail polish, made for kids, they do also have a ‘mommy’s line’ if you want to get some for yourself it’s fun and something you can use with/for Princess A as she grows up. My sister got them to use with my neice (she’ll be 2 in June) with out having to worry about the toxicity as she put her feet/hands in her mouth (we got them for her 1st b-day) just thought it may be somehting you’d find glamourous for her!

    • What a great idea!!!!!!! The reason I haven’t painted Princess A’s nails so far is because she is always sucking and chewing her toes and fingers so I was afraid because most nail polish is toxic. I will check out Piggie Paint! Thanks Brianna!

  5. I am currently too afraid of my feet lol. Martial arts injuries have given me permanent bumps on the left foot and I have callouses from training in bare feet turning and spin kicking on wooden floors. To top it off I’ve now got cracked heels! yuk lol. currently wearing moisturizer and bed socks and nurturing my heels back to baby soft. I love your nail color and your feet are looking glam baby! Manicures and pedicures are a woman’s best friend! xxxx

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