MOM YOU ARE IN TROUBLE! I know you were up late last week shopping the DVF Gap Kids collection. I love the onesie but remember you need your sleep. Stop staying up late to buy clothes!Hmm… but I really love this onesie. And love is life! Like I love pulling Freckles tail and I spend most of my life doing just that.I also love my Safari Sam toy and spend my life playing with it no matter how much it annoys my Mom and Dad.I appologize Mom. If you keep getting me cute outfits like this it is ok for you to stay up late and shop.Well, thanks for the outfit! But now I have to go do the other thing I love and live for… chilling in Freckles dog cage!

Onesie- DVF for Gap Kids

Pants- Carter’s

Socks- Trumpette

Stay Glamorous,

Princess A



  1. Love the sass in picture # 2. And OMG how cute is she trapping herself in the dog cage! Poor Freckles. heehee

  2. So cute! 🙂
    I love her smile on the last picture… It´s the smile of a very happy toddler. 😉

  3. She is really too cute for words, Shannon. I really like the shirt! Totally fits for a baby, no toddler, on the move!

  4. Oh my goodness, that is just the cutest thing. My youngest loved to get in the cage with Bradley lol. We had two dogs, both were named Tank when we got them, effing military families can’t come up with the right names for animals, so we had Tank 1 for a while then when we got Tank 2, we renamed him Bradley. Again a military vehicle, but Tank 1 was a big azz dog and Tank 2, not so much. But my son would climb in the cage with Bradley all the time, so weird. All the kids did, but only the youngest could actually move about in the cage with the dog;. Kids should be caged sometimes lol but hey she does it for ya. LOL Btw that outfit is just adorable as always.

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