We were so excited to sing “Happy Birthday” to Princess A. I know I look like a pigicorn here!We didn’t know what Princess A would think of the whole thing! She definitely didn’t understand the candle.But she understood what the red velvet cupcake was and was very excited to eat it!She loved the frosting!And did a really good job eating it herself.Maybe the reason she knew what a cupcake was because that’s basically all I ate when I was pregnant with her!I made the rookie mom mistake of not taking the wrapper off before I gave her the cupcake. So when I tried to help her the cupcake landed on her dress. Sorry Princess A!But Princess A battled on and continued to eat the cupcake! We took a lot of pictures!Then she decided she had had enough of the cupcake.

So we got her some water in an Olivia cup and she drank it herself like the big 1 year old she is!After that she felt very refreshed and was ready to play some more!!!

Some of these pictures were taken by Grandma M. Unfortunately, when I uploaded her pictures they got mixed up with mine so I have no idea which ones are hers and which ones I took. Anyway, thanks Grandma M for getting some cite pictures!

Stay Glamorous,



7 responses to “PRINCESS A’S 1ST CUPCAKE

  1. She remembered the cupcakes you ate when you were pregnant lol
    I ate kinder chocolate when i was pregnant and my daughters loves it lol
    I looked like a big kinder chocolate and like the chocolate, my surprise was inside lol
    i love very much the fourth picture with her little tongue. she’s cute

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwww, that’s so cute. I always made their first cake for them. But always made a special one just for them to mess up. Oh my, must go see if I can find pics to put up to let ya see. That will happen eventually. *smh* I know i’m slow at getting things done. But we still have to unpack the boxes with all the pics and get them scanned into puter lol. Yargh. But i’m glad that you got some great pics and yea Thanks Grandma M for getting some great pics in too.

  3. My did she stayed cleaner that I thought. You should see Juliet’s first birthday, I believe the pics are on my FB page. She made such a mess. The bakery gave us her own first birthday mini cake. Loads of fun though…Glad she have a great time.

  4. It looks like Princess A managed to stay pretty clean, haha. I remember my niece’s first birthday…she got sooo messy. She had chocolate cake in her hair, on her back, her feet, legs, up her nose, in her ears, even in her diaper, lol. It’s sort of a tradition in our family to let the little ones get super messy with cake on their first birthday, which I think is my favorite part, lol.

    Glad to see Princess A enjoyed her first cupcake! And red velvet at that, good choice!

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