Here’s Princess A playing with one of her best baby friends Lila. Everything looks calm here but this party was wild. I felt like I was hanging with the Rolling Stones and the next day I had the biggest hangover of my life and I didn’t even drink at the birthday party. My friend NiCole runs her own play group and brought over tons of toys… including a tunnel. We just put the toys on the ground and let the kids have at it. Here is my friend NiCole giving out more fun toys. I wish I had a better picture of her but it was so hard to get good shots at the party because the kids were moving around so much!Princess A mostly cuddled with her new bear. I am so glad I had tons of baby finger food at the party because Princess A got hungry after all the playing.The party got even crazier so stay tuned for more pictures of babies partying hard!

Stay Glamorous,



3 responses to “MOVES LIKE JAGGER

  1. As long as they had fun, that is truly all that matters. And you have the pics to prove it, so that kicks ass too lol

  2. wouldn’t it be nice to even have half of their energy! She looks like she had fun at her party. Those babies…sorry toddlers, really know how to party!

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