My friend also brought a blow up castle with balls in it. Princess A was not a fan… I guess the castle wasn’t big enough for her royal liking.Oh well, I did get another cute picture of her ruffle butt diaper cover.So Princess A left the castle and just played with the balls.She really enjoyed eating them!All the other children loved the inflatable castle so there were tons of kids going crazy in it. Looking back I wish I would have taken pictures of it because it was hilarious but I was too busy with Princess A. But then Princess A made a scared face. I turned around and the inflatable castle was starting to collapse.My friend NiCole got all the children out of the castle safely but they were not happy about it!So she dumped all of the balls out onto the floor which seemed to make everyone happy. Stay tuned to see what happens next.

Stay Glamorous,



5 responses to “MOVES LIKE JAGGER PART 2

  1. Princess A seems to like simple things in life. 😉
    It doesn´t need much to entertain her…

  2. It’s a awesome party!!
    It’s sad that the inflatable castle has collapsed but I think she had a lot of fun with the balls!! 🙂

  3. Oh no, the castle went bye bye. Balls are what makes this world go round. Looks like she was having fun though.

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