Last week I posted about this outfit and said I was upset I couldn’t find anyone to take a picture of it. My mom brain must have spaced because I did have someone to take a picture of me. My local ice cream truck man. Here is Freckles looking at me with sad puppy dog eyes because he wants some ice cream too.The ice cream truck man in my neighborhood is the best ever. I should know his name but I don’t… I am too distracted by his style and ice cream! When I was a new mom I would walk by him and he always told me I looked fabulous even though I really did not. I think he could sense I was having a hard time. He always wears something glam even though he is just serving ice cream and people would by from him anyway. I took this picture of him because I love his Chanel suspenders which he swears are real. Now my question is if he can afford Chanel suspenders why is he selling ice cream from a truck?

Stay Glamorous,



11 responses to “GLAM ICE CREAM MAN

  1. I’d buy ice cream off him! He looks like he makes it fun and has a good time doing it! Did Freckles end up getting some ice cream or at least a bite of the cone? 🙂

  2. I like the looks of your ice cream truck guy better than the one that comes to my house! My dog also had an extremely sensitive stomach (allergic to all meat except duck, and all grains), we would occasionally order her a “puppy” cone when the truck came. She LOVED ice cream. Our ice cream man would give us a little bit of ice cream for free for Kalie, that is when she didn’t just eat some of ours.

  3. Awww hes an adorable ice cream truck guy. He can probably afford chanel suspenders because its his truck and he probably makes good money. Who knows? But I love the fact that he always said nice things to ya. There are days when a stranger can make us feel the best that we have ever felt just by smiling or saying hi.

  4. I would not scream for Ice cream.. if i could have the dude..

    I think i’m in love… a little.

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